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Strauch, Dora; Brockmann, Walter / Satan came to Eden

Chapter III: We find our Eden,   pp. 34-49

Page 49

We Find Our Eden 
of mine, and he waited, full of tender understanding, for the mood 
to pass. 
  Hugo stood by, no doubt astonished at all this outburst of emo- 
tion. One place to him was much the same as another, and he told 
us of the settlement that had once been on this spot. Pointing out 
a little floor of lava blocks, he said that it was there that Watkins' 
other house had stood. It had been called the Casa Piedra, he said, 
and Watkins had murdered some one in it. 
  Ignoring this gruesome detail, we paused awhile to let the beauty 
of the scene pour into our souls. The water of the spring ran in 
a brook no more than a few yards long, then vanished into the 
parched earth. The thicket was so dense that the thought of ever 
thinning out and taming it seemed full of daring. We had to crawl 
on all fours to keep our heads clear of the lowest branches. Hugo 
assured us that an evil spirit had the place in charge, Watkins' 
ghost, he said, and advised us strongly not to stay there. Hugo's 
insistence on this point interested me. His fear now turned out to 
be quite genuine, though I had thought at first that it might have 
been inspired chiefly by his desire to have us settle nearer to the 
pampa. But as time went on, and as the clouds of tragedy gathered 
over Friedo, I often used to wonder whether we might not have 
been wiser to heed the little Indio's warning. 

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