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Strauch, Dora; Brockmann, Walter / Satan came to Eden

Chapter II: The new life begins,   pp. 18-33

Page 33

                   The New Life Begins                     33 
  It might have been wiser if we had not done so, for on return- 
ing to the beach we found that Captain Bruuns had his anchor up 
and that the Manuel y Cobos was already leaving Post Office Bay. 
Hugo was nowhere in sight. We went into the log house which 
we had inherited from the now departed Norwegian, and found to 
our dismay that the plentiful store of crockery which had been 
there was all gone. We remembered that Captain Bruuns had said 
that he was the owner of the house and its contents, but we had 
meant either to buy the dishes from him or to ask him to leave 
them for our use. In the emotion of our long-dreamed-of arrival 
we had forgotten all about it. 
  We were alone at last. We looked at one another and repeated 
these words like a magic formula. The desolation that had so dis- 
tressed me at first sight, the house and the abandoned cultivation 
round it, did not sadden me now. I forgot the wasted hope and 
toil it bore witness to, and thought only, full of my own hope and 
assurance, that we had come to make an Eden here and that we 
could not fail. 
  The red rays of the setting sun gilded the ocean at our feet. 
The sharp black fins of sharks cut through the water; a thousand 
wild voices of unseen creatures mingled with the soft roar of the 
surf. With the terrifying suddenness to which I, the Northerner, 
never grew accustomed, the equatorial night rushed down upon us 
and the moon came up. 

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