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Strauch, Dora; Brockmann, Walter / Satan came to Eden

McDonald, E. F., Jr.
Foreword,   pp. xi-xii

Page xi

  While on a cruise to the South Seas on my yacht Mizpab in the 
winter of 1930, I put in for a day or so at Post Office Bay on the 
rocky coast of Floreana, or Charles, Island in the Galapagos group. 
This island, just a few miles south of the equator, was supposed to 
be uninhabited. The bay was empty. A barrel, which has served this 
part of the Pacific as an unofficial post-office since early whaling- 
days, stood on the shore. I had heard of this famous barrel, so went 
ashore with my guests to investigate. In the barrel we found a note 
in German directed to the master of any vessel that might anchor. 
Two people were on the island, we learned from the note. They 
were short of food and had been forced to move inland for water. 
One of them was injured. They requested the master to sound his 
whistle or fire a gun and they would come to the shore. We blew 
our whistles and sirens, fired our one-pounder, and played our 
searchlight over the island during that first night, but no one 
  The following morning I organized four searching-parties made 
up of my guests and ship's officers and started them out in different 
directions to search the island. One of my searching-parties headed 
by Baker Brownell of the Northwestern University faculty, who 
incidentally was the only man among my guests who knew German, 
found Dr. Frederick Ritter and Dore Strauch. They were well in- 
land, about an hour's march on a faint trail through the desert 
brush and over broken lava rock, but had heard our gun and were 
headed towards the shore. They were dressed in ragged clothes and 
their shoes were cut to pieces by the rocks. They greeted joyfully 
the little group headed by Mr. Brownell. 
  Mr. Brownell brought them out aboard the yacht. We had a long 
talk with them and got part of their story. They had come to the 
island about five months before, well supplied with food, but they 
had been forced to move inland to the mountains because of the 
shortage of water. They had left most of their stores in a cache 
near the beach. These stores had been stolen by men from some 
vessel, perhaps a fishing-boat. Without medicines or antiseptics, with 
no guns, very few tools and almost no food, Dr. Ritter and Dore 
were in a bad way. She had fallen on the sharp lava rocks and had 

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