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Manitowoc Association of Commerce / Manitowoc, "the city of opportunities"

Manitowoc's industries and products,   pp. 17-20 PDF (1.8 MB)

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Manitowoc's Industries and Products
  The Pauly and Pauly Cheese Company wholesale cheese,
their supply being gleaned from the many small cheese fac-
tories in the rural sections of the state. The cheese is ship-
ped to their warehouses where it is graded and parafined
and it is then shipped to the markets of the world.
  The Northern Wisconsin Produce Company have one of
the most modern refrigerating plants in the northwest. Thous-
ands of dozens of eggs produced on Wisconsin farms are ship
ped to this plant where they are graded and then shipped to
the market. The firm also wholesales cheese and butter.
  The Plumb and Nelson Company wholesale groceries and
sell under their own label the well known Plu-Nel and Plumb
Sure brands of canned goods.
  The J. J. Stangel Company wholesale hardware through-
out Wisconsin.
                  Hose Connections
  The Eastman Mfg. Company manufacture approximate-
ly two hundred different kinds of hose connections. Man-
ufacturers throughout the country come to the Eastman
plant with any difficulties pertaining to air hose connections
that may arise in their plants. A copy of their catalog con-
taining illustrations of every conceivable type of hose con-
nection will be mailed upon request.
               Copper Hot Water Tanks
  The Manitowoc Brass Works manufacture copper boilers
for use in homes and industrial plants. The big feature
about the boilers is that they last a lifetime. The seams
are welded and the tank polished.
                  Vinegar and Yeast
  The A. M. Richter Sons Company manufacture high grade
bulk and bottled vinegar and compressed yeast. For years
the company has been known to the discriminating house-
wives of the middle west for its high grade and uniform qual-
ity of vinegar and yeast. A large new plant was recently
completed to meet the growing demand for their products.
                     Feed Cutters
  The Smalley Mfg. Company, manufacturers of farm ma-
chinery for years manufacture the well known Smalley feed
cutter. Foreign buyers recently purchased a large number
of these machines after careful examination of the Smalley
and other feed cutters on the market.
                      Near Beer
   The Manitowoc Products Company manufacture near
beer, ice cream and cheese, the latter items being manufac-
tured in a plant separate from the brewery. In addition to
the local brewery the company also operates another at
Sheboygan, Wis. and the two plants are taxed to capacity to
to meet the demand for the beer which is of unusually good
quality. About eight carloads of the beer are shipped daily
which speaks volumes for the beer which meets every require-
ment of the Volstead Act.
        Christmas Tree Ornaments and Tinsel
  The National Tinsel Companiy manufacture a large variety
of Christmas tree ornaments and tinsel. This line has been
manufactured in Manitowoc for almost fifty years.
                   Coaster Wagons
  The Weyer Mfg. Company manufacture the Four Wheel
Turn and the Century Flyer coaster wagons. The Four
Wheel Turn wagon appeals to the young American because
of the short turn feature which perriits the wagon to be
turned within a smaller radius than does the standard wag-
on. The Century Flyer wagon is constructed along stand-
ard lines.
                     Comb Cases
  The A. H. Franke Company manufacture leatherette comb-
cases and are the largest manufacturers of this line in the
country. Attractive sets of combcase and mirror combined
is one of the featured items of the company. The products
of the company are made for resale and advertising purposes.
                     Paper Boxes
   The Drost Manufacturing Company and the Schnoor Bros.
Company manufacture paper boxes of all descriptions and
Cigar Boxes. Both firms have been in business in Manitowoc
for almost a half century. Almost the entire output of these
plants is consumed by manufacturers in the county.
              Machinery, Dies and Tools
  The K. 0. Muehlberg Company operate a modem two
story machine shop which is equipped to turn out dies, tools,
jigs and special machinery. The company maintains an en-
gineering department.
              Aluminum Household Ware
  The Aluminum Specialty Company manufacture aluminum
household ware and aluminum hub caps. The Company
confines itself to the smaller utensils used in the kitchen and
does not manufacture the large items. The Company also
operates a plant at Chilton, Wisconsin, the home office of the
company is in Manitowoc. The Aluminum Specialty Band
is an organization of which the city is proud and they furnish
the band concerts in the city park. The firm employs about
two hundred andi.fifty people.
                   Evaporated Milk
  The white House Milk Company Inc. a subsidiary of the
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, operate a plant in
this city with a production, greater than any other plant in the
world. The plant besides being located in the very heart of
the dairy industry is also favored with wonderful transpor-
tation facilities. White House Brand is the name of their
product and it is sold in all the retail stores of the Great Atlan-
tic and Pacific Tea Company. Manitowoc and surrounding
county farms supply the milk for this plant.  Insulated
tank cars are used to transport milk from points in the state.
The plant is equipped with the latest and most modern
machinery. The power and steam is furnished by The
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation whose large gener-
ating plant is located several hundred fcet east.
                      Ice Cream
  The Fischl Ice Cream and Dairy7Company manufacture
O'Fischl Ice Cream at their large planr. The most modem
machinery for manufacturing ice cream and bottling pasteur-
ized milk has been installed in the plant.          I

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