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Week-end review
Vol. 1, no. 6 (November 28, 1930)

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November 28, 1930
WEEK-END REVIEW                         7
attendan. A, !edding dinner and sup-
per wpre served, at the Bloom home to
32 guests, and a reception was held
during the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.
Gericke left on a wedding trip through
the northern part f, the state and will
reside at 823 W. Wisconsin avenue
after December 8. Out of town guests
at the wedding were Mrs. Otto Gericke,
Lake Mills; Miss Katherine Fischer,
Milwaukee; John Bloom, Champagne,
ill., and Irving Froehlich, Milwaukee.
  Miss Elizabeth Thebo, 814 W. Pros-
pect street, and Marvin Witt, Elling-
ton, were married November 22 at St.
Joseph church. Attendants were Mr.
and Mrs. John Keating. A wedding
breakfast was served at Hotel Apple-
ton. Mr. and Mrs. Witt will make their
home on Walnut street.
  Miss Esther Breitung, daughter ofý
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt Breitung, route
6, Appleton, and August Semrow, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Semrow, Appleton,
were married at 1:30 Tuesday after-
noon at the Moravian church, Freedom.
Mrs. Louis Mueller was matron   of
honor and Miss Viola Semrow    was
bridesmaid. The groom's attendants
were Louis Mueller and Elmer Mueller,
Appleton. Miss Virginia Brueggeman
was flower girl and Gerald Ahrens, ring
bearer. Following the ceremony a re-
ception for 50 guests was held at the
Breitung home. Mr. and Mrs. Semrow
left on a wedding trip to Illinois. They
will make their home in Appleton.
  Miss Lola Knuijt, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Knuijt, 1519 S. Lawe
street, and John Poeschl, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Poesehl, Oshkosh, were
married at Sacred Heart church at 9
o'clock Wednesday   morning.   The
bridesmaids were Miss Betty   Lan-
dowsky and Lucille Poesehi. The groom
was attended by Irvin Poeschl and
Fred Knuijt. A breakfast and recep-
tion for 35 guests was held at the
bride's home after the ceremony. Mr.
and Mrs. Poeschl will make their home
in Oshkosh.
  The members of the Food Study
  class, which is being conducted by Miss
  Sophie Schaefer, celebrated the latter's
  birthday after the regular class Mon-
  day evening. Bridge was played and
  Miss Schaefer was presented with a
  subscription to the magazine "Philoso-
  phy of Health." Nine members were
  ,Mrs. Edward Preston entertained at
a dinner at her home, 1402 N. Alvin
street, Monday evening in honor of her
sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Motza, of Mil-
waukee. There were eight guests.
  Miss Esther Breitung, who was mar-
  ried Tuesday to August Semrow, was
  guest of honor at a  miscellaneous
  shower given by Mrs. Herbert Bruegge-
  lau and Mrs. Louis Mueller, at the
  Brueggeman home, 1109 N. Harriman
  street. Cards and dice were played,
  the Prizes going to Julius Griesbach,
  Laura Schroeder, Rose Diener, and Ann
  Mrs. Alexw Drexler, and Mrs. Wenzel
Robble, Oshkosh, entertained at a mis-
cellaneous shower   for  Miss  Lola
Knuijt, who was married Wednesday
to John Poeschl, Oshkosh.  Appleton
guests at the party were Mrs. John
Knuijt and Miss Lola Knuijt.
  Thirty-nine tables were in play at the
card party sponsored by the Ladies'
Auxiliary of Eagles at Eagle hall Mon-
day evening. Mrs. Robert Jugenthron,
Mrs. Louis Lautenschlager, Mrs. Paul
Schroeder, and Orville Perrine won
prizes at schafskopf; Mrs. Martin Skall
and Mrs. Helen Christian at dice; Mrs.
Ben Schultz and Mrs. Ed. Diecken at
bridge. The special prize was awarded
to David Munch.
  The Auxiliary met at the hall Wed-
nesday afternoon for a social meeting.
  Mrs. Matt Bauer entertained a few
friends at her home, N. Meade street,
Tuesday afternoon in honor of her
birthday  anniversary.  Cards  were
played and prizes won by Mrs. Al
Braun, Mrs. Gus Kotz and Mrs. Wil-
liam Brandeis.
  Mrs. W. Hoffman and Miss Margaret
McCormick won bridge prizes and Miss
Anna McCarthy the schafskopf prize
at the card party given by the Apple-
ton Apostolate Tuesday afternoon. Mrs.
E. H. Bleick was chairman. The pro-
ceeds of the party were put into the
poor fund.
  Mrs. L. A. Lohman and Mrs. Richard
Wenzel had charge of the Visiting day
card party given by the Women of
Moosehehart Legion at 'Moose temple
Tuesday afternoon. Prizes at bridge
were won by Mrs. Edward Ward and
Mrs. Reinhard Wenzel and at schafs-
kopf by Mrs. Gus Zuehlke.
        This and      That
    Take a little of this and a bit of
  that - sometimes it makes cake
  and then again, just hash.
  Isn't it a good thing that these per-
manent waves aren't so permanent
after all? Think how awfully rough
the well-known matrimonial sea would
  During the recent warm spell we got
worricd. We were afraid that tree sit-
ting might come back. Now we ask
with Russell Crouse, does this tree sit-
ting prove Darwin right, or Barnum?
  "God must smile lovingly upon those
who under the stress of their own
needs, set apart a small portion of their
belongings, so that others may benefit
from their sacrifice" ....
"For we must share, if we would keep
   That blessing from above;
 Ceasing to give, we cease to have -
   Such is the law of Love.'
   It is estimated that there are 90,000
restaurants in  the   United  States.
Think of the hash!
  When you go round and round the
block looking for a parking place for
    +~l S1n i11+ i~rnomhmr tha~t in China
ere are only 25,000 of these powe;
agons and just acres and acres of free
rking space.
"Clothes  influence manners  more
an most people know," says Kath-
en Howard, fashion editor Harper's
Have. you   watched  the  shooting
ars? November skies are vastly in-
With England buying swift fighting
ares and France building huge chains
fortresses, looks like the dove of
ace isn't going to have things her
vn way yet a while.
WHERE shall we put that incinera-
Again the popcorn is about to pop,
at why does it?
Mr. Driver: Remember the warning
gn at the railroad crossing is not in-
{N appropriate and eco-
  nomical Christmas gift
  is a photograph of your-
  self or family.
  Have your Christmas E
  Pictures made at the
R~oss Studio E
      in "Appleton's Largest Clothing Store" in rich ar-
      ray, are gifts for men, the sort a man would choose
      for himself and enjoy wearing. Here, in a man's
      store, you may choose as your fancy dictates, agree-
      ably certain that your choosing will meet with mas-
      culine approval.
      you will find the largest and finest assortment of the
      gift things, men, young men and boys, prefer.
      as usual are plenty of Holiday boxes, free with each
Thiede Good Clothes
           Appleton's Largest Clothing Store
teided f0u then locomotive engineer.
                           -B. L.
  To get rid of gray hair 4,000,000
women have paid $5,864,129.
  The only German public library in
the United States was founded by an
old association of Germans of Penn-
sylvania in 1764. It contains nearly
35,000 volumes about one-eighth   of
which are in the English language.
our ailto iust remember that in China

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