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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Mackesy, Lillian
Doctors, dentists and lawyers,   pp. 208-216 PDF (4.1 MB)

Page 216

prepare a catalogue of all available law
books in the community. Paul V. Cary,
81, Appleton, who started his practice in
1897, is the present oldest member of the
  1n the late eighties the local bar became
known as one of the ablest in the west
due to the brilliant work of its lawyers in
the numerous cases on river, canal and
water power rights.
  As early as 1893 the county bar associ-
ation worked toward establishing a muni-
cipal court in Appleton. Lawyers ap-
.judge Tý H. Ryan, First Municipal Court Judge.
pointed to the original committee to draft
a bill for its establishment were Humphrey
Pierce, L. E. Barnes and G. H. Dawson.
Pierce was later against the move. A. H.
Krugmeter, who came to Appleton in
1899, also worked to establish this court
with F. M. Wilcox, then a state senator.
  Wilcox is called the ''Father" of the
Municipal Law Act of March 21, 1907. He
originally came in 1894 to Seymour,
practicing law there until 1898, when he
moved to Appleton. He was a state
senator from 1904 to 1908.
  Thomas H. Ryan, Sr., became the first
  municipal judge in May, 1907. From the
  time hie took office until December 31,
  1908, only a little more than a year's time,
he heard 431 criminal actions, 93 civil
actions and 56 actions under city ordi-
nances. During the first four years of the
court, some 1,579 cases were filed. State
Legislation in 1945 gave the municipal
court broader powers of jurisdiction until
today its scope nearly equals that of the
circuit court. Consequently, Outagamie
County has one of the outstanding muni-
cipal courts in the state.
  The attorneys in the county today, who
are members of the Outagarnie County
Bar include the folloxving: Karl P. Bald-
win, Sarto Balliet, Edgar E. Becker,
Homer H. Benton, Alfred S. Bradford,
Alfred C. Bosser, Walter H. Brummund,
Edward J. Byrne, Gordon A. Bubolz,
Paul V. Cary, Mark S. Catlin, Sr., Mark
S. Catlin, Jr., Lester H. Chudacoff, Gordon
E. Derber, Raymond P. Dohr, Frederich
E. Froehlich, David L. Fulton, Stanley
Gabert, William J. Geenen, Gordon Gill,
Edwin S. Godfrey, George F. Hannagan,
William F. Hegner, Fred V. Heinemann,
Harry P. Hoeffel, Sydney S. Jacobson,
Gerald John, James R. Joyce, Gustave
J. Keller, L. Hugo Keller, Joseph Koffend,
Jr., W. T. Kuchenberg, James I. Mc-
Fadden, John Menn, Walter P. Melchior,
F. A. Merthaler, Franklin Nehs, Andrew
W. Parnell, Heber H. Pelkey, A. W.
Ponath, Patricia Ryan, Oscar J. Schmiege,
Lloyd C. Schuette, Abraham     Sigman,
Samuel Sigman, Allen R. Solie, Robert
Spanagel, Stanley A. Staidl, Everett A.
Stecker, LeRoy G. Stohlman, Urban P.
Van Sustern and Joseph Witmer of Apple-
ton, John Esler, Harry McAndrews and
Emmett Rohan of Kaukauna, Adrian
Gerritts of Kimberly, Allan Cain and
Gerard H. Van Hoof of Little Chute,
E. W. Wendlandt of New London and
Michael Burns, Seymour.

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