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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: N],   pp. 118-121 PDF (959.6 KB)

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      NEW                  120                NOF
Newton George W., janitor, res. 543 Franklin.
Ney John A., gardener, res. 337 2d av.
Ney Nicholas, gardener, res. 337 2d av.
Ney William, hostler Sherman House.
Ney William, motor man, res. 1075 College av.
Nichols Charles, farmer, res. 844 Fair.
NICHOLS EDGAR H., dairyman, 1135 Alvin, res. same.
Nichols Henry (Nichols & Ryan), res. 725 College av.
NICHOLS & RYAN (Henry Nichols and Patrick H. Ryan),
  plumbers and gasfitters, 725 College av.
Nickasch Anton, carpenter, res. 1103 Packard.
Nickasch Joseph, molder, res. 1118 8th.
Nickasch Margaret (wid. Andrew), res. 1118 8th.
Nickels Henry, lab., res. 919 Lake.
Nickerson Lorenzo D., res. 810 Lawrence.
Nicklas Mary (wid. John), res. 659 Superior.
Nicolls Florence B. Miss, res. 327 Cherry.
Niederhauser Eliza Mrs., nurse, res. 668 Morrison.
Niederhauser Minnie Miss, res. 668 Morrison.
Niehaus William, lab., res. 710 Richmond.
Niemie Abdala, peddler, res. 799 Durkee.
Niemie Amin, peddler, res. 799 Durkee.
Niemie Feras, peddler, res. 799 Durkee.
Niemie Kalil, peddler, res. 799 Durkee.
Nies Henry, lab., res. 880 Morrison.
Nihls Annie, elk., res. Henry Schultz.
Nihls John, helper Atlas Pull) Co., res. 968 Prospect.
Niss Carl, lab., res. 892 Commercil.
Nitschke August, mngr. M. Nitschke, res. 691 Harris.
NITSCHKE M., August Nitschke, mngr., grocer, 950 College
  av., res. 691 Harris.
Nitschke Oscar W., elk. M. Nitschke, res. 691 Harris.
Nitz Frederick, res. 394 Eldorado.
Nitzband Charles, brick-layer, res. 522 Eldorado.
Nitzband John, mason, res. 522 Eldorado.
Noack Clara Miss, dressmkr, res. 774 College av.
Noble George W., janitor Odd Fellows' blk., res. 543 Franklin.
Noble Otis E., barber A. Lohmann, res. 687 Edwards.
Noffke August, lab., res. 1 n. 543 Telulah.
Noffke Carl, lab., res. 47 Newberry.
Noffke Christina (wid. John), res. 563 Telulah.
Noffke Fritz, lab., res. rear 465 Lee.
Noffke William, res. rear n. s. Lee, 3 e. Newberry.

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