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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

[Z],   pp. 444-[450] ff. PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 445

           APPLETON CITY DIRECTORY (1925)        44_5
Zelie Clarence M (Eliz) h914 (438) E Eldorado
Zelinski Jule (Emma) lab h1027 (1211) W Lawrence
Zephirin Edw W chairwkr Appleton Chair Co r1461 (212)
    W Prospect
Zephirin Jos E (Mary) chairwkr Appleton Chair Co r1461
    (21) W Prospect av
Zephirin Norman 0 (Harriet) tray slsmn h415 (731) N
Zerbel Aaron W (Mildred) carp h613 (1017) W Franklin
Zerbel Laura r624 (1032) W Franklin
Zerbel Reinholdt (Pauline) ptrnmkr h624 (1032) W
Zerbel Walter carp h315 S Victoria
Zeug Ferdinand (Lydia V) gard h229 (723) E Atlantic
Zickler Anna (wid Anton) h226 (530) S Walnut
Zickler Geo (Anne) h405 (927) W College av
Zickler Jos R shoes 126 (566) S Walnut r226 (530) S Wal-
Ziebell Otto A (Bessie 0) prsmn Chris Roemer Estate res
    Nennah Wis
ZIEGENiAGEN MARIE, County Treasurer Court House,
    Phone 1641, r106 (788) E Lawrence
Ziegler Arth (Alvina) emp Tuttle Press Co h735 (1083)
    W Summer
Ziegler Esther student r934 (412) E Pacific
Ziegler Fred A (Lena) janitor h1102 (852) N Lawe
Ziegler Gottlieb D (Rose K) pres Aid Assn for Lutherans
    h934 (412) E Pacific
Ziegler Helen student r934 (412) E Pacific
Ziegler Herbert student r1102 (852) N Lawe
Ziekel Lonnetta hlpr Milwaukee Hotel
Ziemmer Chas (Esther) fndrymn h123 (769) E College av
Zierer Marie r222 (670) N Union
Ziesemer Richd E Rev (Hilda C) h623 (1023) W 6th
Ziesler Edw F (Ann) br mgr h1048 (262) S Outagamie
Ziesmier Marie (wid Wm) r1403 (1039) N Superior
Zilske Caroline (wid Albert) r1753 (1189) N Oneida
ZILSKI CHAS (Pearl L), Soft Drinks 511 (753) N Apple-
    ton, h5O5 (747) N Division
Zilske Otto paperwkr Interlake P & P Co r1753 (1189) N
Zilske Robt C (Otilge) fornm Interlake P & P Co h217
    (849) W Winnebago
Zilske Robt C jr student r217 (849) W Winnebago
Zilske Wm A elk r1120 (970) N Oneida
Zimdars Aug (Bertha) blksmith h517 (761) N Durkee
Zimdars Harry r517 (761) N Durkee
Zimdars Herbert r517 (761) N Durkee
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