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16th annual report of the county agricultural agent in Wood County Wisconsin. 1936

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e or an annual report is to keep people
iformed. The annual report of the County
.--  -v1.  1  %as w m,8-uYvu the Asriouulural uomolttee,
'Iisconsin College of A4riculture, and the United States
Department of Agricultura, as a guide for the programs
for future work.  The report shown how many Deople wArl
benefited and how many received services from the office.
         QIP         IlR:WLat is it? Extension work in
agriculture Is a nation-wide cooperative system of rural
education which is fostered and maintained by County
Boards, State Colleges of ALriculture, and the United
States Department of A4rioulture.  The County J.ricultur-
al "Lent acts as a representative of the county, state,
and federal government, in helping rural people in emer-
gencies occasioned by storms, floods, drouths, insects,
and animal pests, or in aiding the county, state, or
national government in emergencies caused by war, The
County A&ricultural .4ent devotes a large part of his
time to aiding individuals with their problems in a wide
variety of activities including diseases and insect con-
trol, cultural practices, feeding, breeding and housing
of livestock and poultry, forestry an reforestration,
farm management, cost of production, grading, paoking
and marketing of agricultural products, the development
and improvement of community clubs, 4-H clubs, and in
Dblvzvl4.~4,~,41. J.            ......      A    -srr-e.LrLU.Lncme anaU iissst
with any other problems.
     The County .ricultural ient prepares an ace
report of activities, proerams, end results, so th
ministretive offices in the county, state, and net
ea well as farmers, rurnl organizations, businessm
and frmr Croups, mey know rnd have a frctutl repre
tntion of the problems nnd genercl agricultural an
dustrinl work in the county.
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