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1944 annual report county agricultural agent Winnebago County Wisconsin

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Radio,   pp. 13-14 PDF (599.1 KB)

Page 13

(I'MMI Resouroe continued)
      hbe KiUlio group of Oqhkosh and Menasha cooperated In Intedalft
 thl mtter to 4-I Club leaders and gave the movement & start.    Radio,
 and press reminders were also used. A4 4    ublio speaking contest on
 Pamu Wety was one of the features, with a local 468 member soing itn
 the final competition for this section of the state. MNyW looal clubs
 featuted this In their progrms.
      ontinued stresm will be placed on rYm Safaty in connection
'with 4.1 OClub groups. Community Organisation will be given an oppore
tuntty to cooperate In promoting this program. Press and radio will
be used and reminders at general mootings.
      Check sheets will again be available and rominders will occur in
 press and over radio.
      Jarmers were supplied with checb-sheet forms and urged last fall
 and winter to chook the needod ropairs and order early to inwure a
 Wapply when needed Old farm machinory has been kept in operation.
      Yarm building enginoors have been called in In several inatances
 to help plan building location, construction, remodeling or repair.
 Properly planned and conotructed buildings will result in lose wasted
 motion. Contractoro were invited to milk house planning meetinges.
      Rhgineers, plant floldmen and contractors will be made available
 for individual visits and conferences. A meoting with local contractors
 and enginoera is being plannod to discus, farm building arrangementse
 location construction for greater utility. We hope to work out a
 construction program on milk houses that will result in lower costa.
                      X  ;     ~   ~   ~~~ RUDIO
     Our local  ation NOE has given this or±oe approximately one-
half hour on the air each weok from 12:30 to 300 on Saturdays.
Various cooperating agencies such an Vocational Ag'e Departments,
Dairy Inspectors, dairy fieldmon have appeared on tIM program with
the County Agent and Rome Agent as well as 4-H members, ftt'w  Paimors
llft4-1     -           A--A.-            -  .
. .

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