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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Combined annual reports of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the years ending July 1, 1927 and July 1, 1928

Shall we plant delicious?,   pp. 68-69 PDF (534.1 KB)

Brubaker, V. E.
Up north,   pp. 69-[72] PDF (783.7 KB)

Page 69

and he said about ten years ago he wished he had planted all
Wealthy in place of his Delicious.
MR. KUEHNER: I have come across Delicious in moderate plant-
ing, of course only in small numbers, and from what I have seen of
them I agree with Mr. Ullsperger; they are not consistently good
bearers. I grant that in our farm orchards there are hardly any
trees that get the right care; probably with the right care we would
get better results. There is a man here from Manitowoc County,
Mr. Ahrens, who could probably tell us something about that.
MRL AHRENS: I think the only thing to do is to wait a while
and see what the Delicious will do. Some eight years ago I set out
in the neighborhood of fifty or sixty Delicious trees and five years
ago they started to bear and have borne ever since, but not a very
heavy crop; however, I notice that the apples are getting better
every year in color and in size. It is a thrifty, healthy growing
tree. I think if we give the Delicious good cultivation and give it
some more time it will do well in Wisconsin. It is hardy; many other
trees die out. Pruning does a lot of good, and I think the more we
prune, and the more we take care of them, the better fruit we have.
MR. KUEHNER: We have not heard from Bayfield; they are grow-
ing some up there and they are a beautiful color.
MR. HAUSER: That is only in occasional years. Our season, some
years at least, does not seem to be long enough to give us size or
MR. RANDAU: One man set a tree twenty years ago, it started to
bear when it was ten years old and has only failed one crop; that
was last year, when the blossoms froze. He has apples of far
better quality and flavor than the Western apples. One neighbor a
few miles north has another orchard but not quite as good. About
twenty-five miles south around Des Moines they can grow Delicious
that surpass anything from the west as far as flavor, and, I think,
as far as size is concerned. Like you, we recommend top working
it on a Virginia crab or on a Hibernal because we have a tree
that will stand our hard winters and dry seasons and it grows
MR. KELLOGG: I think the question of the Delicious resolves it-
self into a question of the richness of the soil and the conditions
under which we want to grow it. I would not advise anybody to
set very largely of it on our black soil and expect to make very
much of it in a commercial way. The heavier the soil you get it on,
the better results you get, has been my experience.
(Reporter's Transcript)
O-UR conditions, in Bayfield County are more nearly similar to
0_J Door County than any other part of the state. I believe that
our growers have been more successful from the standpoint of small
fruits than with the production of apples although our acreage of
apples is gradually growing in a commercial way. We have only a
small number of the larger growers of apples and the smaller grower,
who has also a certain acreage of small fruit is planting more
apple and cherry trees.

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