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Rahmlow, H. J. (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. XXX (September 1939/July-August 1940)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 30, no. 7: March, 1940,   pp. [177]-208

Page 184

A S announced in our Febru- 
    ary issue, three new varie- 
ties of grapes from the New 
York  Experiment Station  are 
recommended for trial--Eden, 
Athens and Buffalo. Prices for 
testing are 40c per plant, the 
Horticultural Society paying the 
  Dresden Strawberry Plants 
  The Dresden strawberry plants 
will be available for testing this 
year, at the following prices: 
  25 Dresden plants ------- 30c 
  50 Dresden plants ------- 50c 
  The Society will pay the bal- 
  Carpathian English Walnuts 
  As announced elsewhere in this 
issue, we have a few Carpathian 
English walnut trees for mem- 
bers of the Society only at $1.00 
per tree. 
  We recommend    for further 
trial, the Taylor raspberry. This 
may now   be purchased from 
many nurserymen. If your nur- 
seryman does not have it, let us 
know and we will help you find 
        White Grapes 
  We recommend    for further 
testing the Portland and Ontario 
white grapes-high in quality and 
sweet. Many nurserymen have 
them, but if you are unable to 
find them, write the Horticultural 
  Apple Trees on Manchurian 
  As explained in our February 
issue, page 150, we have reserved 
a few Cortland and Hibernal ap- 
ple trees, one year old whips, on 
Manchurian rootstock for trial in 
Wisconsin. Prices are: 1 tree 25c; 
4 trees 90c. The balance will be 
New Fruit Varieties For 
               "O R T H O" 
                  Scientific Pest Control 
            Nitro KLEENUP Emulsion for APHIS - SCALE - MITE 
                     A complete dormant spray oil 
            "FLOTOX" Wettable or Paste Sulphur for SCAB SPRAYS
                     A non-caustic sulphur for fungicidal use 
            ORTHO Lead Arsenate for CHEWING INSECTS 
                     The original improved arsenate of lead 
            ORTHEX Spreader-Adhesive for EFFECTIVENESS 
                     For greater film building and protection 
                     Personal orchard service on request 
           M. G. FAm.REm_-Entomologist-East Lansing, Michigan 
                           "The ORTHO Company" 
paid by the Horticultural Society. 
The Hibernal trees are recom- 
mended for topworking to such 
varieties as Red Delicious. The 
object of this test is to deter- 
mine the value of the trees top- 
worked   on  Manchurian  crab 
Q UESTION: I wish to sow 
     some Blue Grass in my or- 
chard this spring. In the seed 
catalogs I notice listed the Ken- 
tucky Blue Grass and the Eng- 
lish Blue Grass. Which shall I 
use ?-R.O.H., Racine. 
  Answer: The Agronomy De- 
partment of the Wisconsin Col- 
lege of Agriculture tells us that 
the English Blue Grass is known 
in this state as Meadow Fescue. 
It is a tall, rank growing grass 
and not as adapted to orchard use 
as is the Kentucky Blue Grass. 
  In the shade of the trees the 
department suggests seeding 
Rough Stalk M e a d o w Grass 
which is resistant to shade, and 
might do very well there. 
Mareh, 1940 
Now Jersey 

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