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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 1: September, 1910,   pp. [1]-8 PDF (3.6 MB)

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September 1910 
   The editor expects that this de- 
 partment will prove the most inter- 
 esting and valuable feature of the 
   For several years a free Informa- 
 tion Bureau has been maintained by 
 the Secretary and thousands of in- 
 quiries have been answered.      This 
 feature of Society work will le con- 
 tinued in a modified form. Questions 
 which require an immediate answer 
 will be taken care of as before by a 
 personal reply by mail as soon as re- 
 ceived; others will be answered in 
 our Question and Answer Column. 
   Send in your questions, the more 
 the merrier, the answer will be forth- 
 coming. The editor claims to pos- 
 sess the best private library of horti- 
 cultural literature in the state and 
 one of the best in the country, hav- 
 ing purchased entire the (Goff library 
 and spent most of his income since 
 in  making   additions.   From   this 
 source, as well as bulletins and re- 
 ports of all of the different experi- 
 ment stations, goverunent reports, 
 and exchanges including every hor- 
 ticultural journal of importance in 
 the United States very many ques- 
 tions can be answered at once. 'Ihen 
 we have fourteen hundred assistant 
 editors, the entire force of the agri- 
 cultural college and the Department 
 of Agriculture at Washington. All 
 of this is available to members for 
 the small price of Fifty ('Cents a year. 
 Can you beat it? 
   A column each month will be de- 
voted to local horticultural societies- 
and officers and nmmbers of locails 
are requested to send in notes con- 
cerning the doings of their society. 
  Copies of the lbest papers present- 
ed at the meetings should also I e 
sent for publication. 
  With the hearty co-operation of 
the different locals we may      have 
here one of the very best depart- 
ments of horticulture. illembers and 
officers of locals! Will ypu help? 
  In many states the local societies 
are as a tower of strength to the 
state society and a very material aid 
in increasing membhership. This is 
measurably true in this state and 
Conditions are steadily improving. 
   We now have twelve locals total- 
 ing 315 members. A list of the so- 
 cieities with  number of members 
 and name of secretary follows: 
   Algoma-8 members; It. C. Chris- 
 tenson, Oshkosh, secretary. 
   Barron    Co.  Hort.   Society-24 
 members; F. W. McKinney, Barron, 
   Bayfield Peninsula ltort. Society 
 -87 members; 0. Flanders, Bay- 
 field, secretary. 
   Gays   Mills   Hort. Society -30 
 members; K. G. Briggs, Gays Mills, 
   Lake Geneva Gardeners and Fore- 
men's Ass'n.-43     members; A. J. 
Smith, Lake Geneva, secretary. 
   Manitowoc   Co. llort. Society- 
31 members; C. W. Meisnest, Mani- 
towoc, secretary. 
   Madison   llorticultural Society- 
35 members; Win. G. MacLeam, see- 
reta ry. 
  Riaro lIort. Society-11 iiemnbers: 
.Miss Minnie Slam, Oiiro, secretary. 
  ()Ohkosh Hfort. Soc.iety-14 mem- 
bers; \Vard B. Davis, Oshkosh, sec- 
  Rusliford  ilort. Society-8 mere- 
bers; Miss Eva Loope, Eureka, sec- 
  lPoysippi lhurt. Society-10 mnem- 
bers; Geo. Jorgensen, Poysippi, sec- 
reta ry. 
  Sieboygan (C'o. ]hort. Society-14 
iieiblers; A. II. McIntire, Sheboy- 
gan, secretary. 
  'llie locals are increasing in num- 
ber and membership each year. Con- 
cerning probable success of local so- 
cieties we quote from annual report 
of the secretary, 1910 volume: 
  "In   order that a    local society 
should be a success there must be 
back of it a strong "dollars and 
cents" interest, enough    people in 
that particular locality who can see 
some material benefit to be derived 
from  membership    and   attendance. 
Either this or else there must be at 
least one person in the community 
who will give 6f his time and en- 
ergy early and late to maintain life 
and interest in the organization, for 
we have not as yet advanced to that 
point found in the older communi- 
ties of the eastern states and Euro- 
pean counitries where aesthetic horti- 
culture, pure art, has followers suf- 
ficient to attract and hold together 
a local art or improvement assoeia- 
   Our neighbors on the south are not 
slow to appreciate the advantages of 
co-operation. Chauncey P. Reynoldi 
in a recent numiber of The Prairie 
Farmer gives an excellent account 
of the Illinois Orchard Co., a con- 
cern which owns and operates 1075 
acres of apple    orchards with 900 
acres in bearing. 
  Senator Ife~lry  M. l)unlaip     of 
strawberry fame is general manager 
of these orchards which range in size 
from 25 to 160 acres and are located 
in four counties. Probably not less 
than   $500,000 of good Wisconsin 
money has been invested in Wash- 
ington, Oregon anid Montana orchard 
lands during  the past two years. 
Just think of what could be (lone 
with even one-foiurth of this sum  in 
Now is the time to plant them 
and as we have a large 
we will furnish the following rare 
and beautiful varieties for Septem- 
ber and October planting. Good 
strong divisions at the following 
FESTIVA MAXIMA--Enormous blooms 7 to 8 
laches In  diameter, color, snow white 
with purple splashes In center petals _ 25 
FRANCOIS ORTETAT- Purplish crimson 
with gelden anthers - -                 0 
GRAIIiFLORA RUIRA-Bilood rid, a grand 
flower, one   of  the  largest in   culfo- 
vailon              .0 
HUEI--Cherry    pink,  cinaman   scented  10 
strong girower, graceful habit ..--- --- - - 
MARIE LEMOINE-Eene-mes sulphur White       20 
blooms, magnlflceot variety to------ 20--- 
MODESTA--Iright rune ples, very double, 10 
a ieant bloomer, sweet scented .-.. ---    1 
,OLDEN SARIEST-Yollew and White, great     10 
bl em er  ----.. ----- ------. .----- --.... . 
RUIRA URPUBA--Brllilant deep crimson, 15 
ver late  bloomer ....................... 
FELUX ROUSSE- The most beautiful red peony 
In excntses, brlllant red with ruby flamed 25 
cooler                       2 5.. . . . . .. . . . . . . . 
FLORAL TREASURE- Beasutiful flesh piek 15 
SPECIAL OFFER-For One koller we will send by 
express or freight see each of thesn tee feautiful 
rnd rare penteso. Uhe chance of a life time. 
Order today. 
Union Grove,        Wisconsin 

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