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Cranefield, Frederic (ed.) / Wisconsin horticulture
Vol. I (September 1910/August 1911)

Wisconsin horticulture, vol. 1, no. 1: September, 1910,   pp. [1]-8 PDF (3.6 MB)

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September 1910 
Wisconsin borticulture 
         Published monthly by the 
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
     24 E. Mifli St.. Midison. Wis. 
        Official organ of the Society 
     Secretary W. S. II. S., Madison. W\is. 
AssoFeATE EDITORS, Fourteen Hnundred Men]- 
           ts'rs of tih swlvtyt. 
  Sent only to nun! I s4r' of tIhe Society. No s)- 
scription list. WVisconsln Ilortilulture will be 
mailed to every imember of tie W. S. II. S. 
whose fee is paid In advcanie. 
  Send aplleattion for mernbersiil) Xto Seenr'- 
tary, Frederic (raneotield. lfadis.)i Wis., a.- 
t'omDanteii b)y fee. 
  Fee for anniual mea|twrshiit) -' cents. Life 
membershlit r).00. Remit by Postal or Exvrvss 
Money Order. Coin nay be seant safely If 
wraplped or attalihed tx) a card. Personal 
viiecks not ai epte(l.  Staniis ace.!meulate 
faster thani we can. .e them. D)o not send 
stamps If an.y other neians ar! available. 
  Aplleation for entry as seeondl-elass nit ter 
at the Post .tilie at Madlson. \Vs. pendingm. 
  A(Ivertlr rates Ina(i l. kO(nowIn a)ipIelat iol. 
  A blue pencil itark in this space 
means that your membership has ex- 
pired. No other notice will be given. 
A prompt remittance will insure you 
the next number of the paper. Send 
Fifty Cents in coin, or Money Order 
to Secretary F. Cranefield, Madison, 
  A  dollar bill pays for two years. 
  Life membership is but Five Dollars. 
Wisconsin State Horticultural Society 
W m. TOOLE, President .................. iarai'oo 
A. ,J. SMITH, Vice-Presilent ..... Lake Gieneva 
L. G. KELLOGG, Treasurer ............... Ripon 
I'. CRANEFIELD, Secretar . ........... Madison 
Wm. TOOLE, ChaIrman ............... Ex-Offcio 
A. J. SMITHI ..........................Ex-Off.eo 
L. G. KELLOGO   ....................... Ex-QO cio 
F. CRANEFirLD ....................... Ex-Officio 
1st DIST., Wm. LONOLAND ...... Lake Geneva 
2nd DIST., G. W. RtIGLE ............. Madison 
3rd DIST., L. If. PALMER ........... Baraboo 
4th DIST., P. W. HARLAND ........ Milwaukee 
5th DIST., 11. C. MEIOHER ....... O(onomowoc 
6th DIST., E. GOZEINBACH .......... Sheboygan 
7th DIST., W. It. HANOH]ETT ........... Sparta 
8th DIST., I)R. T. E. LOOPE ........... Eureka 
9th DIST., D. E. BINGHAM ...... Still'90ign Bay 
10th DIST., IRVIN( SMITH ............. Ashland 
Ilth DIST., HARVEY NOURsE .......... Bayfleld 
WM. TOtLE                F. CIRANEFIELID 
             L. (G. KE{,.oAs 
   Annual Meniobershlil) ................ S0,5o 
   Life Membership .................. 5.00 
         Remit to Secretary W. S. H. S. 
                          Madison, Wis. 
  This paper is purely    ati experi- 
ment and its success or failure rests 
largely with the members of the so- 
  The secretmry has been appointed 
editor but ito one alone can edit im 
paper worth while and as the society 
cannot afford to hire associate editors 
every member must help. 
  Beginning with 1896 our Society 
published a monthly magazine, The 
Wisconsin Horticulturist, which was 
sent free to members but for reasons 
which seemed good to the Executive 
Conliuittee it was discontinued    in 
.Mlarch 1903. It was a good little 
magazine and its untimely end was 
greatly mourned    by  the members. 
We sincerely hope that the present 
venture may be more successful. If 
every member of the Society will 
please consider himiself an associate 
editor of Horticulture and send but 
one contributioni to its columns each 
year we can have a good paper. 
  Notes on crops and prices, methods 
of culture, new   varieties, spraying 
notes, prevalence of insects and dis- 
eases, helpful hints of all kinds and 
not forgetting personal notes. If you 
have planted an orchard or berry 
patch, tell us about it; if your son or 
daughter gets married let us know 
about it. If each member will do a 
little, realizing that he assumes an 
obligation with acquiring membier- 
ship, will give the best of his knowl- 
edge and experience for the benefit 
of all, we can have the very best hor- 
ticultural journal in the land. If, 
however, every one expects to take 
and none to give then our paper will 
be a failure. 
  It will be the business of the ed- 
itor to classify  the material fur 
nished by the associate editors. He 
expects also to glean all of the hor- 
ticultural papers worth while of the 
best things printed in them and boil 
it down for Horticulture readers. 
  The Experiment Station and Agri- 
cultural College literature can also 
be itemized each month. 
            W. S. H. S. 
  JIoRTICUL'IURE will also be the of- 
ficial organ of our Society contain- 
ing  all announcements, programs, 
etc., taking the place of the circulars 
and 1)ulletins now in use. 
  Advertising will be carried of re- 
liable firms only. Our home nurseries 
should all patronize us to the extent 
of a card at least. 
  Spray pump and insecticide deal- 
ers, seedsmen, fruit package dealers 
and other lines affecting horticulture 
will no doubt realize the worth of an 
ad. in a paper every reader of which 
is interested in their wares. 
  'ihe paper must be self-supporting 
and not a penny of the money re- 
ceived front the State is to be used 
in any way. The membership fees 
and revenue from advertising should 
easily do this with a safe margin be- 
  Application has been made for en- 
try as second-class matter and if this 
is granted it will save the Society 
over$3.00 a year in postage now ex- 
pended on programs, notices to memi- 
bers, etc. 
  The financial end will take care of 
itself, it is the quality of the mate- 
rial from month to month that is the 
doubtful factor and this will depend 
on the interest of the membership 
body and their willingness to sacri- 
fice a little oftime and effort for the 
common good. If the response war- 
rants the continuance of the maga- 
zine its value cannot easily be reck- 
  Hlow many will volunteer?     ILet's 
hear from you as soon as you receive 
this number. Write Editor Wiscon- 
sin Horticulture, Madison, Wis. A 
postal card will do if you are in 
a hurry. Your opinion of the scheme, 
your offer to help and at the bottom 
a dozen words for publication. Who 
will tie first?. 
        FREDERIC CRANEFlEii), Editor. 
  We solicit advertisements. Every 
nursery firm   and seedsman in the 
state is hereby solicited and we hope 
to receive orders for at least one full 
l├Żage of ads. in this line for the Oc- 
tober issue.  For Sale, Wanted or 
Exahange   ads. are solicited   from 
members for any article whatsoever. 
  We expect to carry ads. of all 
kinds of horticultural goods and sup- 
plies. This will be in a sense a trade 
journal and as such prove a valu- 
able advertising medium. 
  We guarantee a circulation of fif- 
teen hundred all interested in some 
branch  of hortieulture. Write for 

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