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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 8,   pp. [169]-192 PDF (9.2 MB)

Page 189

1852.                 NORTHWESTERN CULTIVATOR.                          
     Democracy of Science, No. 1-       not a "national university,"
but a ,university
                                           of the nation," special endeavors
will be made
          BY JOSIAH HOLBROOK.             to present such subjects, plans,
and modei as
                                           will aid in training the young
beings compo-
  Consolidation and diffusion are two opera- sin_ them for sucessi  hi uuevctos
          i                               ~~~~~~~~~~~sing thmfrscess in their
future vocations;
ions distinctand opposite. Both are witness- to put them on the track of
"practical science,
ed in wealth, government, religion, knoubledge, productive industry, and
christian morals:'
and nearly every thing human. However ap-
plied the one is despotic and the other demo-         Deep Plowing.
ratic. The nature of man and the progress
if society tend to consolidation instead of diff-  A farmer in this vicinity
whilst plowing
tsion. The spirit of republicanism is to promote last fall, was asked by
a neighbor who, al-
liffusion and put checks upon consolidation; thouLgh he had a large farm,
could scarcely sup-
n d that, too, as connected with all the lead- port his family off it, why
he plowed so deep?
ing interests of human beings.                "Because, neighbor,"
he replied, "I plowedl
Democracy of science is the subject now un- the same way Last year, and year
before, and
ler view. The true democracy of science is I found I plowed a great deal
of gold!"
to "increase and diffuse knowledge among   "Gold!" exclaimed
the amazed neighbor,
men"-the design of Smithson. This is also "'hy, how much did you
plow up I
not only a great, but ihe great policy of na-  "Well, some hundreds
of dollars a year-
tional and State policy-not to consolidate and I did it in this way; my crops
were twice
but to diffuse knowledge interesting to all, es- as large where I plowed
as I now do, in the
pecialy farmers and mechanics, as they con- same fields where I formerly
plowed to half
stitute more than seven-eighths of all civilized the samo depth, and they
take less manure
communities.                                too.1I
  The developement and the application of the  "I dont believe a word
of it," said the
natural resources of our country stand first neighbor, disappointed in the
gold digging.
and foremost in furnishing that kind of knowl- "ItI that is the way
you plow up the gold, I
edge interesting to alL It shows possessions am afraid you will never set
the river on fire.
and the modes of using them-strictly the I go for the good old way and find
it the best.
"use of talents." But with developement and There is little to
learn in farming which those
application they may be diffusion ; there may before us did not know."
also be consolidation. It is one thing to have  "Well, neighbor you
may do as you like,
our mineral resources developed, and a knowl- but I have tried both ways,
and I amr  more
edge of them so diffused that every farmer may than satisfied with the result.
 Indeed, by
know the capabilities of his own fields. It is strictly persevering in it
and other improve-
quite another thing to have our country sub- ments, I shall nearly or quite
double my proff-
jected to scientific exploration, however full its, and all this excess I
consider just so much
and complete, and the result placed in ponde- gold plowed up in my fields."
rous volumes, and those volumes confined to  " Ab," continued the
neighbor, " I see from
the shelves of college and State libraries, to be your notions that you are
a book farmer, and
little read and less understood, The one is belong to an agricultural society;
but you'll
diffusion, the other consolidation. The one is find it wont pay in the long
run, I think."
carrying out the purposes of scientific explo-  There's where you are in
error, my friend;
rations and applying the knowledge obtained I am no book farmer-I belong
to no agr.
by them for the benefit of those who need it, cultural society, but I mean
to join one at MMe
and those who paid for it ; the other is evi- earliest opportunity."
 Germantown TeL.
dently a perversion of funds designed for dif-  SISGELAR Diacovay.-We learn
fusive knowledge, wealth, morals, and power, gentleman who came down on the
Nombaee l
to personal pride and individual aggrandize- that a few days since, as Mr.
L. W. Low, of
ment. The one tends to democracy, the other Columbus, Iowa, was levelling
down  zai_
to despotism.                               mound in his garden, he exhumed
   As the spirit of the age is the democracy of ton of what was supposed
to be an
 scGiee--the difiusion, not the consolidation of buried in a canoe. There
were found
 knowledge an attempt will be made to point him a small looking-glass, a
bead bag,
 out several subjects of science, with such plans thirty one silver dollars,
wrapped up iii a
 and modes of promoting them as will tend to handkerchief. The latest date
of them wai
 bring knowledge to every man's door, and to 1836. There was a hole in the
skull throqh
 give to it free access to every farmer's son and the forehead resembling
that male by a
 every mechanics daughter. As the schools of lett.                      
  Galena Ads.
 our country constitute or ought to constitute
I - --wCONA

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