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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 8,   pp. [169]-192 PDF (9.2 MB)

Page 177

1652.              NORTHWESTERN CULTIVATOR                              
                                 The English Cart Horse.
  The above engraving of the English Cart in which it abounded, when discovered
by the
Horse, we copy from    Colman's European Europeans, but partially knew its
use. Its uses
Agriculture. The cut is un-accompanied by have so multiplied, and its importance
so magni.
any description or remark; except, that this fied, that Civilization seems
determined to cing
30imal received thie first pniZe of the Royal to 1; while a vestige of its
natural qualities re-
           animl reeive  thefirs prie ofthe  yalmains.
Agricultural Society, at Derby in 1843-       No plant in the cultivated
vegetable kingdom
Mis form  would indicate great compactness, has insinuated itself so thoroughly
into every
strength and hainess-points which are in- vein and' avenue of society, s
the potato. From
dispensalle in a good draft-horse.            America it has crossed the
Atlantic to the aherm
                 __ _ _ ______________        of Europe, and, for aught I
know, is now flourish-
                 For the W~iseonal n & Iowa Farmer. lug in the cultivated
fields of the Chinese Empire
WVIt uhali be the fbsitiet ir Popatoatoes ?  If then, we must abandon the
potato to the ram-
  MR. EDrrox --The potato dlsease, whrch has ges of disease, let us look
around for a substitute,
made such havoc in this country and in Europe, and, if we should arrive at
the conclusion that we
during the last few years, renders it fndispensa- must obtain that substitute
from the forest, let us
bly necessary for us to rely upon some other veg- examine the forest of tlie
north, where weusy
etable as a substitute for the the potato, which has 6nd plants which- will
not be injured by our
fer so long a period, crowned the tables of prince endeavors to acclimate
snd plebian  To what source shall we look for  Philander Prescott, Esq, Superintendent
that substitute?  Shall we look for it among the farming for the Sioux, under
date of lath Nov.
vegetables new hewn and cultivated by the An- 1849, writes in substance,
as follows, to the COW
g1b-American race; or in the catalogue of wild missioner of Patents, viz:
Of wild roots theta
vegetables known only to the red man of the for. are several kinds that the
Indians dig for foed,
et, and gasin become indebted to him for one of when other food is exha vsted.
onr staple articles of food 7 The latter sees to  lst, Mexdo, or wild sweet
be the alternative. The potate which We now   2d, ip.swxih, or wild prairie
culite, was, in its wild state, bitter and unpal-  3d, PFag-ke, or srtichoke;
stable.  The indolent raes of a tropical elimate,  4th, Oxwe--chak, or wild

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