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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 8,   pp. [169]-192 PDF (9.2 MB)

Page 176

     1852.                 NORTHWESTERN CULTIVATOR.                     
         17 a
     T|e fruit exhibited for which premiums are  Ernay or ATrIcUMs avs Am-WaLs.-Exhibitor
  awarded, to be at the disposal of the Executive are requested to enter
their articles and animals
  Committee,                                 on the Secretary's book pereiows
to 9 o'clock, A.
    |  to person can receive but a single premium on M, on the oth day of
October, and must be broet
  the same fruit.                            within the enclosure as early
as 12 o'clock in or-
    The description of the manner of cultivation, der that they may be suitably
arrange. This
  kc., mut be lied at the time of making the en- rule will be rigidly enfored.
No articles or ai.
  trN.                                       mals will be admitted thereafter.
             NO. 23. PAINTINGS.                Members of the society only,
vill be admittb
  .udges-Wmi L. Utley, Racine, (Ch'n.); J. T. to the grounds on Wednesday.
    Lewis, Columbus; G ec. W. Cate, Portage.         THE ANNUAL ADDRESS
  Best specimen of painting, in oils,     $3 will he delivered on Friday
afternooa by Yanes
  2d     do      do      do                a3   ae   oy
  Best specimen of painting in water colors,  a Duane  otJ.
  2d     do      do      do     do         3 AGREEMENT WITH TAVERN KEEPERS.
  Best specimen of animal drawing,         3   The subscribers, proprietors
of public houses in
  Best drawing of Show Grounds, for Society,  10 the city of Milwaukee, pledge
onrselve to the
  Best Daguerreotype of Domeatic animals,  3           So               
  Best Daguerreotypes.                     a Wisconsin State Agritultural
Society, and to the
  Best specimen of card printing,          a publis, that we will not ebarge
f beard and lodg.
  Best specimen of book printing,          3 ing per day, during the week
of the Fair, to be
  The articles under this head to become the held in October next, more than
the amount set
  gopexty of the Society, and be deposited in its opposite our respective
                                               Milwaukee, Feb. 22, 1lS9.
                 CLASS D.                    Button & Sexton, United
States Hotel, 1 50
 NO. 24, STOVES, CUTLERY AND SILVER         Pease & Mather, City Hotel,
           i 50
                   WARE.                     P. Kane & Sons, American
House,       1 00
 Judgres.-Sheldon C. Hall, Whitewater, (Ch'a.)  Rowel Wheeler, Milwaukee
House,     10
   William Bonuell, Milwaukee: Hiram Ba rber, Wm. H. Perry, Cold S  -   
 H       I°00
   cookstoVe,                             JorhWn. eD. Smith, Ball'i !011,
on ,     7
                                             Henderson & Breweradorf4
Tremont-House  75
 Best cook stove,                        1  A. AMcCormick, Key Stone State
HoteL    75
 2d     do                                3D: N. Nei     Menominee Held,
 Best ornamental parlor stove,            5        O             _
 2d     do      do                        3          Wonde     iU the Paisr&
 Best hall stove,                          5
 2d     do                                3   A   bug or insect, resembling
a waq, was
 Best exhibition of table cuntery,        3 found buried for twelve years
in wood in
 Rest exhibition of pocket cutlery,       3 England.   The papens have announced
 Best exhibition of silver ware,          3 wonder. But the fSct is not uncommnon
 Best exhibition of brittania and argentine ware, 3 very wonderful. The insect
is the well-known
 NO. 25. MISCELLANEOUS AND DISCRE- Tonthedro, or Borer, which depoeits its
        TIONARY DEPARTMENT.                 under the bark of trees or even
into the sap
.udges.-I. A. Lapham, Milwaukee, (Ch'n.) Mor- wood. The wood occasionally
grows over the
  cn     L. Martin, Green Bay; B. B. Spaulding, egg, and thus renains for
mucvsive yeam
    arquette.                                           et     lbd      1,
     w   e
  This department embraces all articles which before the isnect is hatchd
or eate ou. hen
may he offered for premiums not enamerated in the son of Gm   Putnam   resided
in Willams-
the foregoing classes                      town, Ma, he had two tables made
of ap-
                 ESSAYS.                    ple-tree timber, from a large
tree cut down by
JAaiC.-Hon. E. V. Whiton, Janesville; Hon. Gmi. Putuam, on his fbrm in Pomfret,
  rhos. T. Whittlesey, Pleasant Branh; Fran  necticut  Three of these Tonthedro
ate out
  cis Randall, Esq, Milwaukee.             in two or three yeas. It was evidet,
For the best practical essay on fars usboand.  the number of consecutive
layers of wood that
    ry, generally,                      25teeghabo           deotdatlstsv
For the best practical essay on any one branch the eggs had been deposited
st lest meaty
    of Agriculture,                    V.$ years before the insects came
forth to the
             REGULATIONS.                  lighL  In the splitting of mapl
wood, I ha"
  The Milwaukee and    Mississippi Railroad known a full grown Tonthedro
brought to
eompany will carry paSsengers over their road light, deep in the wood, where
its egg mus
during' the week of the fair at half price, and an  aebe  eoie mn    er 
 eoe     h
fs and articles for exhibition free.h   a   bee n d e Dshowfore         
  FOAGE and WATER for stock, will be       facts only showd the long time
which the
on the ground free of charge to the owners,  eg will rain the prinCiple of
life beor  the
  ADsrrTA!iCL-Persons may become members of maturig process shall come on.
The worid
the society by paying Sl, which will admit the is full of such facts. Wheat
has been known
person and his wife, and children under 21 year  to gerninaw after  ae pe
ed a     d
ot age to the exhibtion, during the continuane                 , b
of tbijor. Single admission 10 cents.      yas                [    e    

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