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Wisconsin farmer and northwestern cultivator
Vol. 4 (1852)

Wisconsin and Iowa farmer, and northwestern cultivator. Vol. IV, no. 8,   pp. [169]-192 PDF (9.2 MB)

Page 173

  173                     WIS(O'O  SIIN  F,\ Ii'  , AN'D )              
    tuqrf sI
Best buck 2 vears or under,                  The ! TWving iwsitch will he
heil on the Fair
2d     do      do                        I   rA oc:'      tilt t 1..-re on
Thurc, aV, Oc-
Best pen 3 ewes over 2 years,            I   ''r: avt. t It0        A. oA.
1. Thle colupetiu
24     do      do                        2[Irs I ; ,*'- IIn iI, tbis e( is5
blluilt become Illeir-
Best pen 3 ewes 2 years or under,        .      '  !k itv. anll- Irito Ihrir
nallies, teanw,
2d     do      do     do                 1  1 1Th   .   :i t)v to i used,
entered on the
Best pen 3 buck lambs,                     . s.                     o . the
morning of
2d     do      do                        I \'i ,c ri.. Otoi'  cixth.
Best pen 3 ewe lambs,                    ;          1
2d     do      do'O. IlI N!'~!                                  I.EE    
T.NO. 1.
                                                             . i  J;il. cvilub.
(Cel n.); Joseph
            CROSS BfREEDS.                |       1  ,      LkEch lLz.rcl,
Best buck over 2years,                      i   51            i~ci l~z  
           $, a15ne
2d     do      do                          -   -
Best buck 2 years or under,                    ;
2d     do      do                         1            ,tvic:           
Best pen 3 ewes ovcr 2 years,               J
2d     do      do                              t                        
Best pen 3 ewes 2 years or uisdr,            -          1               
2d1    do      do                            P
Best pen 3 buck lambs,                          *                       
2d     do      do                           i  i'1- '.C
Best pen 3 ewe lambs,                          r 1 .
2d     do      do                        1p   *7         .4  :15
The sheep must be shorn during the seaoots anCl  Lej>,  c  !. e;; allI
roie cNleminedl,  5
the sample of fleece extibited d&posise~l with
the Secretary for the Museum of the Socicy.    N   l. 1  1' 'l i ILIPLE.\IVLNTS.
NO. 2.
             NO. S. SWINE.                         XI-AItl- 1. t aly. NVatclttolvtu
Judges.-Sherman M. Booth, Milwauksee  (ClettI J.    ii ilJ->.:ueville:
Tias .a. Bowen
Ephriam Knowlton, Highiland       Lldrker.
Sugar Creek.                              P rt Ivilot In ,t'e..         
Best boar over 2 years old,             $3  e   e s- -' I01             
2d     do      do                        2        1 s ll,               
Best boar I yearold and under 2 yenrs       13 -- t 1 I.,               
2d     do      do      do                1     t -i.ll'e,               
Best boar six months and under 1 year;   2 I''       ! ii' '-'i         
2d     do -    do      do                11-',                          
Beat breeding sow 2 years old and over.    L     x     l   oe           
2d     do      do      do                2   C  -                       
Best breeding sow 1 year old anti undler 2 years,l I -:  - -; ''''s     
2d     do      do      do      do        11                             
Best sow six months and under one year,  2 L   t !..ii It               
2d     do      do      do     do         1i                             
Best lot of pigs not less tluad 5 under tO riothlu' Q u cct 1-t ot grain
iolicasures,     2
2d     do      do      do      do        I l.3st                        
            21 u 7i bi oui<,2
                                            ,i2ct doZ  I.  r Si , or tw inc
tied brooms,  '2
            NO. 9. POULTRY.                  S         :Ill - QC i ,e the
a.bove entumerated articles
J.G4es.-Alex. T. Gray, Janesville. (C I'n ) Trtt- wxbi  wi ,l adltii of the
sitte mutst be deposited
man Wright, Racine iW. WV. tlrolw, A7l1vuan- wlti! tL ;.cercti. lIbr tucQ
Muserni of the Socic-
Best lot of Dorkings, not lcss than 3, one cock
   and two hens,                             :O.   L F7APM I MPLEMETS\  
Best lot of Polands, do     do     do    2 J. 7_-.c-Adet  E I'.y. Troy. (Ci'n.)Wnm.
Best lot of Malay, or Chittagong fowls,  do  2        M\ -lou, M udi-v.iiu,
Jiseph Powers, Jefferson.
Best lot of Bantams,  do     do    do    "  ft !s-:iI C Ier tr -elsier.l
purpeses on the
Best lot of game,    do     do     do    2     svpep or lever prineililo,
Best lot of turkeys,  do    do           2 B    lsrbo P ' p0o! cr on%
or ctidless chain
Best lot ot Muscovy ducls,  do           2   p  rillts. le-,            
Best lot of small dhc19, do  do          2 'k,s   lit horse Fower,
Best lot of Gninea hens, not less than six,  ln ct thrratier. to bh used
with horse or steam
Best pair of large geese,                2     pmrer.                   
Beatri of wild gre                       ? Bcs t cei p3 inter, for hand or
horse power, for
Best let of poultry, owned by oshibhior,       h hills or drill,        
                                         . Best trsiti adnril, with arparatus
for depositing
               CILASS 1B.                       - lr.3
JAdgS -William  Burgett, East Troy, (Ch'n); Best corn sheller, horse power,
William Blake, Wauhara j Smuel S t. AILcClel Bcst cour, soller. ,ind power,
lan% Kenosha.                             Best veget hble cutter,       
      NO. 10. PLOWING MATCH,               Best and most numerous collection
of Agricul.
Ben plowing with borses,               510     tural impleentts,        
2d     do      do                        5 Best and most numerons collection
of agriculc
BeA plowing with oxen,                  1W     tural implements manufactured
in the xi
2c     do      do                        5     of Visconsin by, or under
the supervision

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