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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Administrative branch,   pp. [371]-[548] PDF (54.0 MB)

Page 525

                TAXATION, DEPARTMENT OF                         525
1. Distributes one-half of total liquor tax collected semi-annual-
   ly to each municipality on the basis of population.
2. Compiles and distributes statistics pertaining to consumption
   and sale of liquor, beer, wine and cigarettes.
3. Maintains a complete file   of approximately   6,000  labels
   covering intoxicating liquor approved for sale in this state.
4. Maintains and records daily results of all investigations made,
   including disposition of cases brought into court.
5. Audits monthly reports filed by breweries, beer wholesalers,
   intoxicating liquor wholesalers, distilleries, wineries, cigarette
   wholesalers and manufacturers and warehouses licensed to
   store liquor, wine, beer or cigarettes.
6. Prepares and distributes to each town, village or city appli-
   cations and allied forms for filing applications with local
   authorities for retail liquor and beer licenses.
7. Collects monthly state excise tax on liquor, wine, beer and
8. Enforces the oleomargarine tax laws.
Licenses and Permits.
1. Issues permits to in-state and out-of-state liquor wholesalers,
   rectifiers, distilleries, wineries, cigarette manufacturers, and
2. Issues salesmen's permits to all persons selling intoxicating
   liquors and tobacco products at wholesale in Wisconsin.
3. Issues sacramental wine permits authorizing clergy to pur-
   chase wine for sacramental wine purposes; to doctors and
   hospitals authorizing them to purchase liquor for medicinal
4. Issues retail liquor licenses to clubs organized exclusively for
   the playing of golf, tennis, or yachting.
5. Issues registration certificates to all Wisconsin breweries and
   beer wholesalers.
6. Receives, records, and files approximately 20,000 copies an-
   nually of applications filed with and approved by town, village,
   and city officials for retail liquor and beer licenses.
7. Records daily inspection reports of violations or irregularities
   found on liquor, beer, or cigarette retail licensed premises.
Field Auditing.
1. Makes regular periodic audit of breweries, beer wholesalers,
   liquor wholesalers, wineries, and cigarette wholesalers located
   in the state; also those located in bordering states.
2. Collects cigarette tax by the setting of cigarette meters on a
   regular schedule throughout the state and all settings peri-
   odically verified by special assignment.
1. Inspects periodically approximately 20,000 retail liquor, beer,

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