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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Administrative branch,   pp. [371]-[548] PDF (54.0 MB)

Page 524

   6. Acts on all contested income tax matters involving additional
      assessments or claims for refunds; such action consisting of
      the granting or denial of abatement applications and refund
      claims; and the trial of cases heard by the Wisconsin Board
      of Tax Appeals.
   7. Assists the Legislature in the preparation of bills relating to
      the taxation of income and prepares fiscal notes on legislative
      proposals affecting the income tax revenues.
   Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxation and Petroleum Products Inspection.
Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxation. Responsible for the administration
of motor vehicle fuel tax law. The division:
   1. Issues licenses to motor fuel wholesalers, to special fuel
      dealers and users, and to industrial users of motor fuel.
   2. Administers the furnishing of surety bonds required of ap-
      plicants for licenses.
   3. Office audits and field audits all motor vehicle fuel tax re-
   4. Processes claims for refund of motor vehicle fuel taxes on
      motor fuel used for a nonhighway purpose and for shrinkage
      and evaporation on motor fuel received by retailers.
   5. Makes field investigations of refund claims.
   6. Registers vehicles used for the transportation of petroleum
   7. Collects all motor fuel taxes.
   Division of Petroleum Products. Responsible for the administra-
tion of the oil inspection law. The division:
   1. Inspects all petroleum products received in this state.
   2. Makes periodic inspections of petroleum  products in storage
     at bulk plants and service stations.
   3. Rejects for sale or use any petroleum product which is off
     standard specifications.
   4. Supervises blending of different grades of petroleum products.
   5. Inspects pumps and storage tanks for proper identification of
     petroleum products.
   6. Investigates all fires and  explosions involving  petroleum
   7. Investigates the misbranding of petroleum  products and the
     sale of reclaimed lubricating oils.
  Beverage and Cigarette Taxes. Administration. The Beverage
and Cigarette Tax Division administers all the provisions of the
liquor, beer, wine, and cigarette laws which include the collection
of the state tax applying to these 4 commodities; also enforces all
state laws applying thereto; and in addition, the enforcement of
all our gambling laws and laws against houses of prostitution.
Chapter 459, Laws 1959, delegated the enforcement of the oleo-
margarine tax laws to this department. The division:

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