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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Administrative branch,   pp. [371]-[548] PDF (54.0 MB)

Page 379

Administrative Division: ELWYN JONES, chief and deputy director;
    FRED J. GRIFFITH, legal counsel; CARROLL T. BENSON, supervisor
    of information.
Agricultural Statistics Division: C. D. CAPAROON, chief.
Animal Health Division: A. A. ERDMIANN, chief.
Dairy and Foods Division: HARVEY J. WEAVERS, chief.
Econonmic Practices Division: CLAIRE L. JACKSON, chief.
General Laboratory Division: WALTER GRIEM, chief.
Markets Division: DONALD E. WILKINSON, chief.
Plant Industry Division: ARTHUR R. KURTZ, chief.
Offices and Laboratories: State Capitol -  Administrative Division;
    Dairy and Foods Division; Markets Division; Animal Health
    Division; Agricultural Statistics Division; Economic Practices
    Division; Weights and Measures Laboratory. Plant Industry
    Division and Dutch Elm Disease Laboratory - 448 W. Washing-
    ton Ave., Madison. Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory  Biochemis-
    try Building, Madison. Seed and Weed Laboratory   Agronomy
    Building, Madison. Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
    2115 Linden Dr., Madison. Ring Test Laboratories at Barron,
    Black River Falls, Green Bay, Mineral Point, and Watertown.
    Dairy and Food Laboratory -       Chemistry Building, Madison.
    Pesticide-Residue Laboratory - 2550 University Ave., Madison.
Publications: Biennial Report; Wisconsin Crop and Livestock Re-
    porter (issued in co-operation with U.S. Department of Agricul-
    ture); Wisconsin Dairying; Wisconsin Licensed Veterinarians;
    Commercial Fertilizers; Directory of Wisconsin Dairy Manu-
    facturing Plants; Commercial Feeds.
    General Department History and Organization. The Wisconsin
 Department of Agriculture as we recognize it today was established
 by a legislative act adopted in 1929. From 1929 to 1938 it was
 administered by a 3-man commission. Since 1938 a part-time
 policy board appointed by the Governor and a full-time director
 have been responsible for the administration of all its activities.
 Department of Agriculture duties and functions are fourfold:
   1. Enforcement of the state agricultural laws and regulations.
   2. Service to all producers and processors of agricultural prod-
      ucts as well as to the general consuming public.
   3. Promotion of Wisconsin's great agricultural industry and the
      products it produces.
   4. Information, including statistical data, about the Wisconsin
      agricultural industry.
   In serving both the consumer and the producer, department ac-
 tivities extend into every phase of the agricultural industry, namely:
 production, manufacturing, assembling, inspection, grading, sani-
 tation, advertising, merchandising, wholesaling, and retailing.
   To effectively perform these services, the department has been
 grouped into 8 main divisions: 1. Administrative; 2. Agricultural

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