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Toepel, M. G.; Theobald, H. Rupert (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1962

Constitutional executive departments,   pp. [309]-342 PDF (9.6 MB)

Page 323

              COMMISSIONERS OF PUBLIC LANDS                    323
        The State School for the Deaf at Delavan and the School
     for the Visually Handicapped at Janesville are also under
     the supervision of the bureau.
  Assistant Superintendent, School Aids. The 1961 Legislature set
aside $124,710,000 for flat and equalization aids and $12,008,000
for transportation aids for the biennium. In addition to these
major items, further grants are made for such services as those
given to handicapped children. The job of working out, according
to legislative formula, the amount of state aids going to each dis-
trict and of dispensing these aids lies with this division. Statis-
tical studies are regularly made in the division to help to do a
better job with the administration of state school aids.
Secretary: T. H. BAKKEN.
Office: State Capitol.
Publication: Biennial Report.
   The land department is the only state department, in addition
to the elective state officers, which is created by the Constitution.
This department is headed by the Commissioners of the Public
Lands, who under the Constitution are the Secretary of State, the
State Treasurer, and the Attorney General. A secretary employed
by them has immediate charge of the work of the department
which has the following duties:
   1. Exclusive control over the lands and moneys belonging to
     the constitutional trust funds which consist of the common
     school fund, normal school fund, university fund and the
     agricultural college fund. One hundred and forty-four thou-
     sand acres of timber or unimproved land belonging to these
     funds, with a value of approximately $3,000,000, remain
   2. Moneys belonging to the trust funds total over $30,000,000
      and are loaned to school districts and municipalities.
   3. Has original records of sale and conveyance of state lands.
   4. Has on file copies of state patents issued and the field notes
      and plats of the original and subsequent surveys of lands
      in Wisconsin. Documents made by this office from these
      records are used by abstractors and lawyers; and the field
      notes and plats by surveyors in running and locating the
      original section lines and corners.
   5. Protects the interest of the state in lands under federal
   6. Under the Constitution, escheated real and personal property,
      as well as penal fines and forfeitures, are under the jurisdic-
      tion of this commission.

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