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Newbert, Millard / History of steam boats of Fox River valley

History of steam boats of Fox River Valley,   pp. 157-179

Page 162

St. Croix and ran between Prescott and Taylorts Falls.  In 1861 she was charters
ed by the Milwaukee & Prairie du Chien R. R. Co., to tow barges from
  .Prairie du Chien. 
    In 1855 Captaih Garrett and Captain Tarbox rebuilt an old catamaran house
boat and converted her into a steamboat by attaching deck timbers across
hulls and building upper works thereon.   She might have been termed a stern-
wheeler, as her paddle wheel was located aft of amidship between the stern
of the two hulls. She was named "Sampson" and put on the route
between Oshkosh 
and the east shore of Lake Winnebago. olhile lying in Calumet Harbor that
her boiler exploded, killing Captain Tarbox's son. The hull was towed to
and the following. summer improved by having a new bow built on to include
hulls. She was then named "Wfinnebago" and put on the route between
and Portage, where she remained until worn out. 
    The side-wheel steamer "Oshkosh City" was built at Oshkosh
in 1855, by 
Tbel Neff and Alonzo Leach. With the exceptions of the "Menasha"
she was the 
  .'gest and finest to be built on the waters. She was 146 feet in length
40 foot beam, equipped with two 17x54 inch engines. The boilers were built
Chicago, shipped via Lake Michigan to Sheboygan, transported overland to
du Lac, where the unfinished hull towed, boilers placed aboard and towed
to Oshkosh. Her trial trip was made June 2-9, 1855, under the command of
tain Truesdal.   For several years she ran between Fond du Jac and Menasha.
1861 she was hauled out at Oshkosh, hull cut down in size to allow of her
age through the Portage locks. In 1862 she went into service renamed "Arizona",
and was taken up the Fox down the Wisconsin, t o the Mississippi river, where
she was placed in the wheat trade service. £Jater she was taken over
by the 
government, fitted with new machinery, making her into one of the speediest
boats on the Mvississippi river, and used as a packet boat for the upper
        squadron until that river was opened thru to the gulf. She was then
sippi _iv-ve ,T-wkepe-&-.e -was-Fa eed- I-.R-t 
p±aced on a freight and passenger route from Carlton just above "ew
Orleans to 
Galveston on the Glf of Mexico. 

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