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Wisconsin Dairymen's Association / Thirty-first annual report of the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association : held at Fond du Lac, Wis., February 11, 12 and 13, 1903. Report of the proceedings, annual address of the president, and interesting essays and discussions relating to the dairy interests

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T~~~~"~Wi~~cO9        nirn Dairyme.ia Association.        147 
put in her own stall and she is given a very small. feed of en- 
silage and gradually brought up an ensilage and if she shows up 
all right, in a day or two she is given a small amount of grain 
Question: How long, after she freshens before you begin to 
feed grain rations! 
*Mr. Cobb: It depends on the cow, but generally the second 
or third day. We begin with a small amount. 
Mr. Gurler: What time of year do you have your cows 
Mr. Cobb: I would like to have cowvs freshen every day, if 
possible, in the -year. We have no time. We like to have 
them come -fresh as often as thev are a midnd to. 
Mr. Hyatt: About how long is the average cow dry between 
Mr. Cobb: I had a dairyman down fronu Walworth county 
and he was prepared to make all kinds of fun of our Jersey 
cattle, and the night he got there he saw, some~ cows. One of 
them gave seven pounds and the other five, and the next morn- 
ing "e, got milk and a calf both. 
Mr. Hyatt: The milk isn't fit to use where you run up so 
Mr. Cobb: No. but if the cow wants to give milk, let her 
give milk; if she wants to godry six weeks, all right. 
Question: IHbw many loads of mianure do you generally 
put on an acre ? 
Mr. Cobb: Fifteen. 
Question: How far is your cistern below your tank? 
Mr. Cobb: The cistern is just behind the Lpower house. 
Prof. Henry: Do we understand that your daughters make 
butter in the morning before they go to school? 
Mr. Cobb: Yes, sir. 
Prof. Henry: And that they can do all of the wor.k in your 
creamery and be at school on tinie?1 
Mr. Cobb: Yes, they do. 
Prof. Henry: About how many pounds of butter do they 
ordinarily make in the morning before they go to school? 
C-1     ~Mr. Cobb: Seventy to seventy-five and eighty. 
-   -. 
. : L   I 

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