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The Thistle

[Seniors],   pp. [9]-[11]

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ioet'   ou                            fr COurg Of Stuvdy 
EXCEEDINGLY wise was Miss WinnIS for Algebra, stiff and hard, 
Who said, as she hushed down the din,        That always appears on the Freshmans'
"If your poem's complete,                        card; 
With plenty of feet.                        B is for Botany, and it is a
To The Herald 'twill be handed in."          To study plants from morning
till night. 
C is for Composition, try as we will, 
In this class there's a fellow named Joe.    All classes must study the subject
Who, as poet, could soon make big dough,    D is for Drawing. an elective,
you see, 
But his teacher, Miss Winn,                  Where all who excell in the
arts may be. 
Said: "No, hand it in,                      E is for English, one, two,
three and four, 
As exhibit 'twill make a great show."        It's useful we know, but
sometimes a bore; 
This same poor poet named Joe               F is for French, but all that
we take 
Is a few words in spelling to make us quake. 
Remarked, as the light became low,          G is for German-Geometry, too-
"'Tis getting so late,                       We all are glad when these
subjects are 
A poem to make,                                  truh 
And, then, it's no good, don't you know.         through; 
H is for History, both early and late, 
One of the periods of English literature is  If you think that we like it
you've made a 
the "Perforation Period."                          mistake. 
I and J are not in our course. 
K is for Keeping Books so accurate and neat, 
That in trial balance both sides always meet- 
'                  L is for Latin not many will try, 
They consider the Latin course very dry. 
bis M        try to   lleve          M is for Music, we all like to sing,
But to study music is a different thing; 
1. China is just below us. -                N is for Nothing, a subject all
2. Geometry is easy and interesting.          And work at it hard, a good
grade to make. 
3. Some day the plaster will quit falling. 
4. That Lewis Weed has quit growing.        0 is for Oratory, when practice
we've had, 
5. That some day the piano may be tuned       The way that we orate is not
at all bad; 
6. That we will have enough boys in our     P is for Physics, where Seniors
do shine, 
High School for athletic sports some time.     In compounding forces and
measuring time. 
Q is for Questions every Friday does bring, 
To the history class till the answers they 
Heard by the teachers after exams:               sing; 
"Oh, thank you!"                           R is for 'Rithmetic,
with long sums in a row, 
"I'm glad I got through."   .                And all short cuts
we ought to know. 
"I didn't expect to get that much."         S is for Speaking we
are made to do 
"I'll give you some candy for that mark."    Before we in English
are counted through; 
Not heard by the teachers:                  T is for Theory and Art, that
is fine, 
"I just got 74; wasn't that mean?"           To help us to teach
little children of thine. 
"She always marks me way down, no mat-      W is for Writing of examinations
and tests, 
ter how well I do."                             We go at these with
much pleasure and zest; 
"I deserve every bit as much as -  does."   U. V. X, Y, Z are to
be added next year 
"I knew she'd fail me; she always does."     If everything else
is perfectly clear. 

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