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The Thistle

Reminiscences,   pp. [4]-[5]

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the most pleasureable recollection which comes  ministration, a sight rarely
witnessed. He 
to me while writing this is that of the sincere  saw the same Senior Class
graduate from the 
confidence which the pupils of the school re-  same school two years in succession
with high 
posed in me, and their sincere and untiring   honors. 
efforts to place the school on the same high    At the beginning of 1905,
when the school 
plane of standards as the best in the state.  was placed under the charge
of Prof. Collier, 
My best wishes to you, to the alumni and to  a college graduate, the school
was greatly re- 
the school, and may these standards achieved  modeled. Languages were introduced,
ever be the boast and pride of the school,    placing the school on a footing
to prepare stu- 
J. D. COWGILL.       dents for entrance to college az freshmen. 
Diamondville, Wyo., Feb. 17, 1908.          With curriculum changes came
also activities 
in athletics, including the football team, never 
HILE delving in the mystic pleasures          equalled for its prowess. Never
will members 
of college life, with a never dying   of the old team forget the thrill of
joy that 
thirst for knowledge, I am suddenly   they felt when they made their first
and only 
aroused by the footsteps of the postman. He   score, nor will they forget
tlie man who made 
presents me two cards, one bringing back a    it. It was at the beginning
of this epoch that 
familiar face, a homelike scene; the other an  real school spirit was instilled
into the pupils 
invitation to more brainy efforts, and with no  of Oconto Falls. 
time for research what other could I do than    Nor can I prevent my mind
from running 
write the musings of an idle brain? A most    into the declamatory interest
which struck the 
joyful truth is this, that the joys of life rather  school in this same year,
when one-third of the 
than its sorrows we most readily remember,    total high school entered the
contest for a 
It is with the past and gone, the never to re-  place of honor on the cup.
We can scarce for- 
turn feeling, that we approach this subject of  get the final school contest,
and can never for 
"High School Reminiscences."                  get the sub-district
contest, when our old 
Perhaps the first impressions in new sur-   enemy and dictator in athletics
went down in 
roundings are the ones most likely never to be  inglorious defeat at the
hands of her little an- 
forgotten. Well do I remember the new and     tagonist. The defeat of Oconto
in that con- 
beautiful High school building, presided over  test doubtless gave a greater
thrill of joy to a 
by a principal whom I was ever to admire and  larger number of people than
any other single 
respect, and yet look down upon because the   event that ever happened in
the school. 
Allwise saw fit to create Prof. Cowgill, one of  As a last and closing thought
of this event- 
those precious articles which are "done up in  ful year comes the thought
of the crownirg 
short packages."  A picture on the wall of my  efforts of the Junior
Class of '06, which will 
room of the principal, Mr. Cowgill, absorbed  ever recall to its proud possession
in conversation with a grade teacher, brings  thoughts of times now passed.
Through in- 
back thoughts of the pleasure of the camera.  trigue, trials, troubles and
tribulations which 
"Pleasant," indeed, were the feelings of the  would have discouraged
a less determined 
criminal when he was assured by his sympa-    class, the class of '07 put
forth the idol of their 
thizing schoolmates that his certain expulsion  heart, "The Junior Annual
of '07."  Long 
was only the matter of a few days. But the    may it stand as a landmark
in Oconto Falls 
height of interest was ma'nifested when, at the  schools. And may High school
interest and 
close of school for the day, the victim was re-  advancement increase from
year to year until 
quested to remain after school. Then, to his  a height is reached not surpassed
by any other 
great disappointment and surprise, instead of  High school in the state.
receiving a certificate of expulsion, he made              OSCAR SCHAAL,
a sale of a picture to the principal himself.                     Lawrence
The writer saw, during Prof. Cowgill's ad-    Appleton, Wis. 

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