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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the twelfth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Diarymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday, February 1 and 2, 1912

Schenk, Christ
Instructors report,   pp. 107-110 PDF (776.8 KB)

Page 108

Twelfth Annual Convention.
farmer and his cow were doing their best to produce
a better quality of Milk. Next is to be considered
the Milk nessessary to make No. 1 cheese which was
evet so much of a question last season, for the best
of our cheesemakers found it no  easy  matter to
manufacture a first class article. A very qnQurmous
amount of low grade cheese was made by  incompe-
tent makers, to many of our cheesemakers are not
familiar with the test nessessary to detect bad Milk
however it is to be considered a part and a very im-
portant one in the profession of cheesemaking.  I
have found and know such makers personly that re-
jected Milk of Patrons without making a test of any
kind but just simply on the grounds of having had
some'bad milk the year before or some other similar
suspicions, this particular farmer delivered his milk
to another factory near by where it was tested and
excepted as first class. This is just one view of some
of our cheesemakers of today. He often comes in a
great disturbance in the closing dean, of 'su6h fac-
tory where the application of a scruple curdtest
would remedy nearly all such cases.
We have on the other hand a great many cheese-
makers in our territory that are up to date and to be
highly respected, they have either taken a course of
Dairying in Switzerlandc or here at Madison. Wis.
which they learn to value more and more every day as
conditions of Dairying are changing every year. It
is a pleasure to visit their factory  everything  is
working systematicaly and cleanLiness is practiced to
the outmost, we also find these men progressive and
eager to learn, they have also been members of -this
Ass. for many years. It is needless to say that also
the farmer is equaly responsible for a great many of
failures in the operationofmanufacture No. 1 cheese
very often I was forced to make very insulting re-
marks about milk vessels wherein the milk was de-
livered to the factory. There seems to be something

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