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Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association / Proceedings of the ninth annual meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Cheesemakers' and Dairymen's Association held at Monroe, Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12, 1909

Luchsinger, Thos.
Talk on Switzerland,   pp. 65-69 PDF (964.4 KB)

Page 67

SOtTHERN \WIS. CI I-:!l21\.A iJR's' & I)AIRvMiE. 's Ass'N.  X7
original Cantons, the Iinth and lUmlat from (Glarus an(I
Zuerich and the Emmlne.  Along those three named rivers
which drain the largest part of Switzerland an(l especially
on the Emine, the in(lustry in whose interest we are to(lay
assembled took its start in the grray an(l ancient times an(l
long before history mentione(l Hlelvetia or Switzerland
Swiss cheese was made for home consumption an(l later
on for market in those valleys. From the Emmentlhal, the
valley of the Emme, this cheese derived its specific name
but the other valleys as well were driven by nature to resort
to the same kind of work. The people living in those
narrow valleys between these stupendous hills an(l gigantic
mountains were there as now coml)elled to drive their herds
into the small patches of pastures in the thrifts and valleys
high up on the mountains to utilize the sweet grasses
growing there during the short summer months annd when
snow  again   commences to fall to    return  to their
home valley where they are housed and kept until the
warm rays of the spring sun agrain melts the snowF on
the Alpine pastures and getting rea(ly for a new season.
These rivers also furnish an inexhaustible source of water
power fed by the melting mountain snows atlnd rushing
in torrents down the narrow gorges and valleys until they
reach the lower level of Switzerland. Many are the ways
in which this power is utilized and the spinning an(l
weaving machines put in motion by them gives employment
to many thousands of people who otherwise would not
know how to gain a livelihood.
Another and at this time perhaps the greatest sources
of income of the Swiss people is the large number of
tourists who come annually from all parts of the world.
The Englih, American, Russian and all other people echo
are seeing Europe would not be satisfiedl if they had not
spent some of their sovereigns, eagles and roubles in and
among the splendid hotels and pensions of Switzerland
which has not been unap)tly called one great hotel and
sanatorium  on account of the inntvnl rable places where

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