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Wright's directory of Sheboygan Co. for 1889-90 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers; the public and private schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc. List of farmers of Sheboygan County and a new city map.

[Sheboygan city directory J],   pp. 100-103

Page 101

       PETER KAUER,                Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
          JAC               101            JEH
Jacket Katie Miss, res. 1036 Ontario.
JacKet Mary Miss, res. 1036 Ontario.
Jacket Victor, lab., res. 1036 Ontario.
Jackson Andrew, agt., res. 1006 Michigan.
Jacob Andrew, lab., res. 1403 Schaetzer.
Jacob Charles W., lab., res. 1134 Erie.
Jacob Fraink, carpenter, res. 1403 Schaetzer.
Jacob John, lab., res. 1403 Schaetzer.
Jacob Louis, lab., res. 1403 Schaetzer.
Jacob Sophia, domestic, res. 621 Ontario.
Jacobs Amalie Miss, res. 1601 St. Clair.
Jacobs Charles, lab., res. 1601 St. Clair.
Jacobs Frank, lab., res. 736 Superior.
Jacobs Fred, lab., res. 715 Center.
Jacobs Henry, res. n. end 7th.
Jacobs Henry, cooper, res. 1601 St. Clair.
Jacobs John P., carpenter, res. 1411 Mohrtens.
Jacobs Maggie (wid. Jac ib), res. 624 Michigan.
Jacobs Peter, policeman, res. 1431 3d.
Jacobsen August, agt. Prudential Life Ins. Co., 804 8th, res. 519
Jacobsen Lorenz, tanner, res. 1421 Pennsylvania av.
Jaeger Charles, lab., res. 1631 Bertschy.
Jaeger Dora (wid. Win.), res. 1124 Center.
Jahn August, res. 1538 Calumet rd.
Jahn Bertha, domestic, res. 610 Niagara.
Jahn Christopher, lab., res. 1602 3d.
Jahn Frederick, res. e. s. Lake Shore rd, 3 n. limits.
Jahn Fritz, lab., res. 235 Huron.
Jahn Gusta, domestic, res. 831 8th.
Jahn John, mill hand, res. 1625 Cedar.
Jahn Win., lab., res. n. Division, w. Lake Shore rd.
Jansen Edwin, miller, res. 715 Indiana.
Janssen Fred, cigarmkr, res. 1027 8th. 
Janssen Henry, prop. Wisconsin House, res. same.
Janssen Ida Miss, res. 728 Michigan.
Janssen John, elk., res. 1115 11th.
Janssen L. Thomas, res. 728 Michigan.
Janssen Ole, factory hand, res. 725 Indiana.
Janssen Rosie Miss, res. 728 Michigan.
Janssen. See Jensen and Johnson.
Jebavy Frank, lab., res. 1611 4th.
Jeffrey George H., machinist, res. 509 6th.
Jehle John, lab., res. 224 Superior.
 1  . ST. SURE      MEDICINES,   503 8th St., S8heboylao.

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