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Wright's directory of Sheboygan Co. for 1889-90 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers; the public and private schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc. List of farmers of Sheboygan County and a new city map.

[Sheboygan city directory: D],   pp. 57-63

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    Physicians' Supplies, Thieman's Pharmacy
    DOE                        62            DWI
    Doege Gottlieb, tanner, res. 1530 Maryland.
  Doege Lizzie Miss, res. 1530 Maryland.
    Doege Win., tanner, res. 1516 Maryland.
    Doewert Gottlieb, tanner, res. 1326,Georgia.
    Doewert Win., carpenter, rep. 1434 New Jersey.
    Domestic Sewing Machine Co., 11. Beyerstedt, agt., 809 Wiscon-
 o    sin.
 Donahue Katherine, teacher Public School, res. 620 Wisconsin.
 o  Donelly James, carpenter,' res. 613 7th.
 Donelly Maggie Miss, res. 613 7th.
 Donohue Jerry, supt. 1., L. S. & W. Ry., res. 502 Ontario.
    Dooley Win. F., operator M., L. S. & W. freight depot, res. 611
&) Dose Carl, res. 717 New York.
    Dose Emma Miss, res. 717 New York.
  t Dose Frederick, lab., res. 1428 Indiana.
  1 Dose Henry, cooper, res. 717 New York.
    Dose Henry Jr., res. 717 New York.
  Dose Ida (wid. George C.), res. 717 New York.
3091 Dose Louisa C. Miss, res. 717 New York.
o   Dose Margaret Mrs. midwife, 717 New York, res. same.
a   Dose Wm. H., printer. res. 717 New York.
-Dougal Christ, lab., res. 1417 Center.
D ouglass Win., lab., res. 1.305 New York.
    Dowe Frederick, res. rear 911 Erie.
Dowe Mary M. Miss, res. rear 911 Erie.
    Drain Lizzie Miss, teacher 6th Ward School, res. 330 Pennsyl-
rJ    vania av.
4   Drain Mamie Miss, res. 330 Pennsylvania av.
Drain Wm.,janitor High School, res. 330 Pennsylvania av.
    Draves Amanda, domestic, res. 627 Pennsylvania av.
    Dresal Ernst, lab., res. 1317 Georgia.
    Dressier Alwin, molder, res. 1808 Sth.
0 Dressler Burt, sawyer, res. 1027 Griffith.
Driyer Richard, watchman, res. 1530 Superior.
    Droeger Frederick, mill hand, res. rear 913 Niagara.
c Droeger Lena Miss, res. rear 919 Niagara.
    Duchow Emelie, domestic, res. 1104 9th.
    Duchow Gottfried, lab., res. 1620 Indiana.
    Duenkel Edward, wagonmkr, res. Center, bet. Beech and River.
C) Duenkel Fred, locksmith, res. 1417 8th.
z   Dunn Mary, domestic, res. 714 Center.
P-4 Ddsold George F., foreman, res. 836 Niagara.
4   Dwight Edwin H., artist, res. 620 Wisconsin.
    Geht nach Zimmermann's Bnchhandlonj    ruecher, Etc.

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