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Wright's directory of Sheboygan Co. for 1889-90 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers; the public and private schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc. List of farmers of Sheboygan County and a new city map.

[Sheboygan city directory: B],   pp. 38-53

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              BRA              50             BRO
    Braun John, teamster, res. 609 N. Water.
E4  Braun John, foreman, res409 S. Water.
    Braun John-P., res. 609 N. Water.
14 Braun Joseph, lab., res. 717 Superior.
    Braun Joseph, teamster, res. 1131 Michigan.
    Braun Mary Miss, res. 1220 Beech.
  iiBraun Rosa Miss, res. 1220 Beech.
    Brebeck Charles, teamster, res. 625 St. Clair.
  ! Brechtel Augusta Mrs., boarding-house, 915 8th, r. same.
J4  Brechtel Wu. plumber, 908 8th, res. 1118 9th.
O   Breder Anna L. (wid. Peter), res. 1233 Michigan.
    Breder Peter, cooper, res. 925 Huron.
    Breger. See Braeger.     I
    Brehm Jacob, teamster,Yres. 1519 Indiana.
    Brehm Johanna (wid. Valentine), res. 1602 4th.
 U  BrehmJohn, lab., res. 1523 Indiana.
    Breuchel Adam, chairmkr, res. 1610 Michigan.
Breuchel Jacob, lab., res. 418 Michigan.
0   Briggs Alva, engineer, res. 632 Center.
  Brill Henry, factory hand, res. 817 High.
    Brilm August, mason, res. 518 N. Water.
    Brink Otto, blacksmith W. Bertram, bds. 622 Jefferson.
    Brix Maggie Miss, res. 610 9th.
41 Brockmann Albert, lab., res. 101 S. Water.
  . Brockmann Carl, watchman, res. 101 S. Water.
  m Brockmann Charles Jr., teamster, res. 101 S. Water.
    Brockmann Frederick, mason, 1535 Kinzie, res. same.
 o Br4,ckmann Herman, lab., res. 101 S. Water.
 -4 Brocknmann Sallie Mliss, res. 101 S. Water.
 O  BrockMann Theodore, teamster, res. 101 S. Water.
 Brockmann Theodore, driver, res. 215 Superior.
    Brockmann Win., teamster, res. 101 S. Water.
rd  Brodehl Samuel, harnessmkr, 1637 Calumet rd., res. same.
    Brodtrueck Augusta (wid. Andreas), res. 824 New York.
Brom Henry, lab., res. 1509 Hickory.
    Brom Mathew, lab., res. 1413 Maryland.
  U)Brom Peter, lab., res. 1413 Maryland.
'd  Brost Matthew, lab., res. 1709 Blocki.
o   Brosey Julius, sailor, res. 1214 Walnut.
    Brotz August, lab., res. 903 High.
    Brotz George, res. 709 Indiana.
    Brotz Herman, lab., res. 1314 Indiana.
 1  Brotz Jasper, factory hand, res. 709 Indiana.
P   Brotz Rupert, mill hand, res. 918 Indiana.
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