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Wisconsin. State Conservation Committee (1908-15) / First report of the conservation commission of the state of Wisconsin

Recommendations of the State Conservation Commission,   pp. 6-9 PDF (834.4 KB)

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locality where the offense has been committed, and in order that
the law shall be enforced, in the interest of justice, and under
authority of the attorney general, a change of venue should be
  Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that lands con.
tain ng forests should be taxed in the usual manner so far as
the land is concerned, said land to be assessed as if it contained
no timber; but the forest products should be assessed and taxed
only when they are cut and removed, and then in an appropri-
ate manner; that the harvest timber tax should be based on a
stumpage value determined by the value of the forest product
at the place where it is assessed less the cost of placing it there.
  1. The state conservation commission recommend to the Gov-
onior that a soil survey of the state be undertaken and carried
on at such a rate as will give a general view of the soils of the
state in about five years. The commiss'on call especial attention
to the immediate need of such a survey in the central and
northern parts of the state, the soils of which are now coming
rapidly into agricultural use; and also to its necess ty on lands
which may be included in a forest reserve and which should be
(evoted to forestry or a-griculture, according to the nature of
their soil.

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