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Wilbert, Carl F. / History of the town of Mequon
([ca. 1990?])

Sign ordinance

No Shooting of Firearms
Due to the careless and misuse of firearms by people and
the disregard of other people's property, a petition was
presented to the Town Board requesting that the Town of
Dequon be closed to hunting and the shooting of firears.
Mr. C. R. Dineen, Town Attorney, was requested to draw an
ordinance to that effect and a public meeting was scheduled
for October 13, 1938, at 9:00 A.M. At this meeting a
petition signed by 325 residents who were against the
proposed ordinance was presented. About 350 people were
present. After discussions, pro and con, an amendment to
the proposed ordinance was introduced and passed that
shooting of firearms would be allowed if written permission
was granted and signed by the property owner on forms
available at the office of the Town Clerk.  The Clerk and
the Town Chairman after signing the ordinance, the same day
posted three copies ol the ordinance. That same day the
Clerk was served with a writ of Certiori and restraining
order signed by the hon. Judge C. Vi. Davidson and petitioned
by Ben Koopman by his attorney, Rick Bonner, restraining the
Town from enforcing the no shooting ordinance. A meeting of
the Town Board was called by the Chairman for 8:00 P.fvi.
that evening, together with M~r. C. R. Dineen. Mr. Dineen
was asked to try and have the Judge vacate his order.  The
judge did vacate the order the next morning, Oct. 14, 1938.
The ordinance was later amended only to be in force in areas
disignated by the Town Board.
Oct. 13, 1938
hun-uing Ordinance

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