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Olson, Fred W. / History of Company "A" 127th Infantry, 64th Brigade, 32nd Division : from official data

History company A, 127th infantry 32nd division PDF (12.5 MB)

DShi     orj 
OW that the world is adjusting itself to peace time condi- 
tions, the great arnmies of nations are being demobilized. 
America's divisions are being dismissed as fast as their 
services cai be spared. One that interests us particularly 
is the Thirty-second, originally composed of National Guard 
uits from Wisconsin and Michigan. There can be no mis- 
take; you know the boys by the red, barred arrow on the upper part of the
left sleeve. 
Friends in the army are friends forever. Even though the boys, who 
fought side by side, may be from every corner of the United States, everlasting
impressions have been made. Even after the (lay of demobilization, years
heine, you shall recall Bill and George and Barney (apologies to our top
geatlt) and the way they cheere(l you itol helped you. To make it possible
us to keep a clear record of our own little organization. Company A, 127th
Infiauntry, accept this little history of the making, re-making and enviable
setvic ie of the comnpany. 
(ompany A is no spring chicken or mushroom variety of infantry outfit. 
Afthertlt(' Spanish American war the eompany was formed; or tobe ioreaccumate,
it-formned under state militia regulations at Marshfield, Wisconsin. Interest
was always keeni, and  feekly or hi-weekly drills in the home armory developed
ntlerial for the big event yet undreamed of in America. Little did the inter-
ested leaders think they were developing excellent material for America in
world wir. However, the efforts were not in vain-many boys who learned 
"stpltid rigit" and as slirittisihers in Marshfield became officers
in the great 
Ainirican Exlseditiomiry Forces in France. 
The boys btecanme eager for the "real life."  But the chance came
In .hul, 191 Mttrshllhld responded to President Wilsi's call by sending her
ttoplllity (o Ile Mexhii IBirder. Three otlicers and eighlty-nine eitsted
Ih rew asie l' ho bie so'rg(., thoned Hie olive I tab, rolled liacks, shouldered
tilSkots i li1 IIll't-chvil IiWIty.  They  Wiltt  to  (11iti1iji   Wilson
 low  ('atmp  Travis) 
Ill  S1all  A tll titlh  T' I,.II.  TI   h<y rli zed ilztl  1hiy  were
 to  live  a  new  life-  a 
lillv  oI  i1111rd  i-llllhg  tint  Iislhlh  n fotiht.  pilley  u  every
 ell'otir  into  lit' work. 
They  illh,<I'  11111  hll(Id  1111d  lolled  f'or  elghl  ninm llm, 
InI  11eliwna y,  19+17  tho 

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