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Schoenman, Adolph / Milk testing : instructions for testing milk and dividing money for creameries, cheese factories and dairymen

Chapter VI. How to divide the money,   pp. 27-31 PDF (618.1 KB)

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find the average test by adding the four tests together
and dividing by four.
A. 8,230 lbs. milk. Average test for month 3.15 =259.25 lbs. fat.
B. 3,564   " '-              -       4.075=145.23
C. 2,720                             4.325=117.64  "   "
Total 14,514 lbs. milk.               Total 522.12 "  "
N. B.-We find that in this case we have nearly one pound of fat
more for the total. By inspection we find that A. has nearly one
pound more than in the former statement. While B. has a trifle less
and C. has a trifle more.
  Of course if cows vary very widely in test and in
milk yield from week to week, we would recom-
mend   the   'tcorrect way."    But for general prac-
tical purpose the incorrectness of this "practical way"
is so slight, and labor saved in figuring so marked
that most any one will be justified in using it.
  46. A's Butter Statement.
Total No. pounds milk .......................... 14,514
Total No. pounds butter .........................  586
Average net price for butter ......................  25.73 cts
Net receipts for butter .$15080
For making butter @ 4c .2344
Net amount due patronso.17 ...............6......  12736
Per pound of butter fat (net to patrons) .2443 cts
General average test .3.59
Your average test..                   ......      3.141
Your No. of pounds of milk .8,230
Your butter fat .258.51 lbs
Your net proceeds......                 ,      $63.16
lo pounds butter drawn @ 25c.                   2.50
Amount due you .$60.66
  47. Dividing Cheese Money.         Taking the    same
figures as in butter:
   A's milk for month 8230 pounds. Fat  258.51
   B's    "  "     3564 pounds.  E   145.38
   C's    "  "     2720 pounds.  "   117.32
Total  "  "     14514
Total 521.21

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