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Madison Metropolitan School District, K-12 program evaluation: driver education, 1984

Section II: Program intent document,   pp. [unnumbered]-7

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                        Driver Education Philosophy and Goals 
The primary purpose of Driver Education is to teach students to be responsible
traffic citizens and to improve the quality of their decision making and
formance skills relating to the transportation system. The instructors deal
with the interaction of driver, vehicle, and environmental components of
transportation system. Driver Education programs in the Madison Metropolitan
School District consist of classroom, simulation, and on-street instruction
which are offered, evaluated, and upgraded on the basis of community and
needs, availability of qualified staff, and the reasonable procurement of
adequate equipment and facilities. 
Driver Education curriculum is designed to: 
a. Promote the safe, efficient, and enjoyable use of equipment and 
    environment relating to the transportation system. 
b. Develop a strong sense of personal and social responsibility for 
    the common welfare of individual highway users. 
c. Develop pride in maintaining high standards of driving performance 
    and vehicle maintenance. 
d. Promote effective habits of cooperation in solving common traffic 
    problems and emergency situations. 
e. Prepare people for useful vocations suited to their individual 
The classroom and laboratory phase of the Driver Education program for 
Madison public schools are specifically designed to help students accomplish
the following tasks: 
Content (Classroom) 
a. To recognize his/her role as a responsible traffic citizen, recognize
     potential career opportunities, understand the traffic system, and 
     identify his/her responsibilities to society when driving. 
 b.  To recognize how his/her attitudes and emotions, both physical and 
     psychological, will be affected by fatigue, drugs and/or alcohol 
     in relationship to the driving task. 
 c.  To understand that laws, both natural and man-made, are going to have
     an effect on his/her driving task and his/her privilege to drive and
     right to survive. 
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