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Madison, Wis. city directory 1898-9. Contains a complete business, street and general directory. Angell's patent numerical directory, and roster of Wisconsin regiments in the Civil War, list of city, county, state and federal officers, churches, schools, secret and benevolent societies, and public buildings; also, a directory of the faculty, societies and students of the University of Wisconsin

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Page 325

nt   -   £ A  ~  , 1 ___I -__  I Ihe liet a~nd (-heanpt '-fl~tI
eiig m'erware             Exclusive ly[v T I" q
                     The Larson Jewvelry Store.
   SCH                  325                 SCH
                                             RES. NO.
Schroeder Anna, dom E Wilson                  631  e
Schroeder Anna (wid  -  ), h W Wash. ave o     437
Schroeder August, lab. h Williamson           1216 N
Schroeder Christine, dom Murray                224 a
Schroeder Frederick A., civ engr, h W Mifflin  317
Schroeder Henry (wf Matilda), propr Eagle Hotel, h
  E Wilson                                     6310
Schroeder John, Co. G, 1st Regt. Wis. Vol. Inf., h W
  Wash. ave o                                  437
Sehroeder Martha, wks Monona ave               114
Schroeder Mary D., dom E Wilson                29
Schubeck John, lab, h Rutledge                1147
Schubert Andrew (wf Louise), [Schubert & Taft], h
  Williamson o                                846
Schubert Joseph (wf Johanna), [Schubert & Son], h  0
  N Brearly                                    403
Schubert Joseph C. (wf Frances), alderman 7th wd,
  [Schubert & Son), h E Gorham                1025  m
  (Wf Mary), clothing and men's furnishing goods. UQ
  514 E Wilson, h S Blair                      148
Schubert William E. (wf Mary), [Schubert & Buer-
  gin], h Lake o                               315
Schubert & Buergin (William E. Schubert, and Will-
  iam J. Buergin), tonsorial parlors, S Hamilton u  101 0
SCHUBERT & SON,                                   a
  (Joseph and Joseph C. Schubert), photographers,
  W Main 3 fl                                  19
Schubert & Taft, (Andrew Schubert and George T.
  Taft), proprs Capital City Bottling Wrks, William-
  son                                         846
  (Wf Magdelena), saloon and boarding house, 1320
  h Univ. ave                                 1320
Schubring Christian, wrks G. M. Co., h W Johnson o 412
Schubring Edward, student, h W Johnsono       412
Schubring Louisa, h W Johnson o               412
Schubring Mary, h W Johnson o                 412
Schuchardt Barbara (wid Hugo), h Marion o     205
Schuckhart Emma (wid Theodore), h Clymer      416   K
Schuette August, mould, h Williamson          1328
Y9%OLDT~TIN      b A Large Assortment at Prices
                      not to be duplicated,
rULL       ING      At Haswell & Scholl's.

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