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Smith, Du Moulin and Co. (ed.) / The Madison city directory, and business mirror, containing the names of the citizens, a business directory, state and city record, and an appendix of much useful information

[General directory of names: H],   pp. 32-37 PDF (1.0 MB)

Page 36

Holton J. & Co., merchants' express, Main n R. R. depot, h
     at Milwaukee
Holtzhausen William, carpenter, h Bedford n Wilson
Hood Thomas, lawyer, h W Canal c Main
Hoofman William, painter, h Williamson n Dickinson
Hoole , carpenter, h W Canal bet Main and Williamson
Hopkins B. F., bds Capitol House
Hopkins James, Jr., carpenter, Bassett c Clymer
Hopkins James C., (Orton, Hopkins & Firmin,) lawyer,
     Bruen's block, Pinckney c Washington Av, h Jenifer bet
     Ingersoll and Brearley
Hopkinson William, refreshments, R. R. depot, h Burk's Add
Horman Henry, boots and shoes, King c Clymer, h Johnson n
Horrigan John, mason, h Gilman n State
Horton S. B., horse shoer, h Butler n Mifflin
Hossing George, baker, State n Gorham, h same
Hotman Jacob, laborer, h Williamson n Ingersoll
Hottry L., physician, State n Henry
HOUGH WILLIAM M., city and county surveyor, court
    house, Main c Fairchild, h Butler n Mifflin
Houk Casper, hotel, Blair n Wilson
Hovey Pascall, produce merchant, bds Main n Bassett
Hovey P. M., wheat buyer, bds Main n Bassett
Howard Dennis, laborer, bds Main bet Bassett and Bedford
Howard John, laborer, bds Main bet Bassett and Bedford
Howard Wilber, clerk, bds Pinckney c Johnson
Howard William J., (Karns & Howard,) carpenter and builder,
    Mifflin n Pinckney, bds Washington Av c Fairchild
Howell Mary, dress maker, bds Gilman n State
Howells Hannah, widow of Henry C., h Wilson n King.
Howells Joseph C., dentist, Pinckney n Main, h Butler n King
Howland Oramel G., compositor, bds Madison House
Hoy Mary, widow of Edward, h Main n Bassett
Hoyt John W., (Powers & Hoyt,) publisher, 6 Bruen's block,
    Pinckney n Washington Av, bds Gorham c Blount
Hoyt L. W., speculator, h University Av n Park
Hoyt Samuel T., daguerreotypes, h Main n Broome
Huanf George, baker, bds University Av c Frances
Hubbard H. F., clerk, bds Osborn House
Hubby W. H., bds Spaight n Patterson
Huehting Arnold, (Iuebting Brothers,) dry goods, &c., Mifflin
    c Carroll, h same

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