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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 6 (March, 1875)

Enterprise on a sound basis. Unprecedented preparations for the spring trade--a few words about the staunch old drug jobbing house of H. Bosworth and sons,   p. 517 PDF (330.7 KB)

Page 517

The Wisconsin Lumberman.
IUnprecedented Preparations for the
Spring Trade-A Few Words About the
Staunch Old Drug Jobbing House of H.
Bosworth & Soils.
It is a satisfaction to note the spirit of en-
terprise  that  has  lately  taken  pos-
session   of   many     of   31ilwaukee's
most substantial and conservative business
houses. Such a combination of spirit and
substance is a happy and a promising one.
For over thirty years the house of H. Bos-
worth & Sons has ranked as one of the
strongholds of Milwaukee's trade. Having
splendid credit and abundant capital this
house has been able to ransack the world for
goods, to buy in large quantities on the
closest   terms,    and    to    extend
Unusual    accommodations     to     its
trustworthy  customers.   The    service
which this and other of Milwaukee's rich old
houses have been able to extend to merchants
in the lumber regions during the past two
trving years have made this market a favorite
with all good buyers.
It   is   a    pleasure  to    us   to
chronicle  every  illustration  of   the
enterprise of business institutions of this char-
ncter. Our reporter was recently invited to
inspect the preparations which Me~ssrs. H.
Boswerth & Sons are making for the trade of
the appoaching season. In an upper storv of
their  establishment  on   East   Water
street  an   entire  room    was   filled
with samples ot every conceivable article
that can be included ill the druggists' sun-
dries and fanev goods trade. Three thou-
s and different articles covered the coun-
ters  and   walls    of    this   room.
What most amazed the visitor was the as-
surance that every one of these articles
had its place in the two Saratoga. trunks
that stood in one corner. These trunks
have just been completed at an expense of
$200, after drawings of the gentleman
who is to travel with them over the four
principal states of the northwest-Mr. A. H.
Adams. No eastern jobbing-house, we be-
lieve, ever sends out such a magnificent mis-
cellaneous assortment of samples. This dis-
play might be appropriately called the fin-
ished product of hundreds of industries the
world over, and of scores of jobbing-houses
in various lines of goods. The trunks with
their contents cost over a thousand dollars.
The display includes samples of all kinds of
druggists sundries consisting in part of full
lines of cloth, tooth and hair brushes, col-
ogne's, pomades, hair oils, rubber goods, face
powders, cosmetics, &c. &c., besides many
rinds    of      cigars    and     over
-twenty  kinds  of choice hquors.   This
-house carries a large amount of capital
locked up in fine whiskies, which it sells in
large lots direct from the Kentvcky bonded
Mr. F. J. Boswoith, the head of this
firm, spends much time making pur-
chases in Europe, Paris being his head-
quarters. Mr. Bedford Hopkins, who has
been with th s house 22 years, is the vir-
tual head of the firm. Mr. E. C. Hopkins,
his associate, is widely known for his busi-
ness-like character and popular manners.
The house is one of Milwaukec's commer-
cial ornaments.
Quincy, Ill., Lumber Trade.
The Whig says: The following state
ment of the husiness of the year is nearly
James Arthur & Co., on hand Jan. 1,
1,000,000 feet: bought in the year, 3,000,-
000 feet; sold 3,000,000 feet; on hand
now, 1,000,000 feet.
Bradford, McCov & Co., on hand in
January, 6,000,000 feet: bought in the
year, 7,000,000 feet; sold 6,)060,000; on
hand, 7,000,000.
II. E. Dizkhut & Co., on hand in Janu-
ary, 2,000,000; bought in the year, 3,000,-
000; sold, 3,000,o0'): on hand, 2,000,-
J. C. Blanchard, on hand in January,
2,500,001: bought in the year, 500,000;
sold, 2,000,000; on hand, 1,000,000.
D. II. Merriman & Son, on hand Janu-
aryl 1, 2,000,000; bought in the year, 2,-
000,0(h0; sold, 2,000,000; on hand, 2,000,-
11. II. Martin, on hand January 1, 1.-
000,000; bought in the year,3,000,000;
sold, 2,000,000; on hand, 2,000,000.
R. McComb, on hand January I, 5,000,-
000;      bought   in    the    year,
2,000,000; sold, 2,000,000;  on  hand,
The totals are: On hand January 1,
15,100,000 feet; bought in 1874, 20,000,
000 feet; sold during the year,000,000
feet; on hand now, 15,150,000 feet.
James Arthur & Co., have on hand
about 1,500,000 feet in logs. The firm
also run a sixty in 'h circular.  w  mili,
also shingle and lath machines  nich are
kept in operation a large pot  n of the
S. P. Brunson has in operation a small
circular saw mill which manufaetures
about 150,000 feet annually.
A'lvertise in the LU  EBRMAN.

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