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Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
(August, 1874)

At Stillwater, Minn.,   pp. 472-473 PDF (718.7 KB)

Page 472

7Te Wisconsin Lumbt. rman.
The Stillwater, Minnesota Mesen-
ger of July 31st furnishes the follow-E
ing information :
JUYx 31.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Stillwater Lumbermen's Board
of Trade was held yesterday. Ernest
Hospes, president, and Sam Judd,
secretary, in the absence of J. S.
Present-Ernest Hospes, Ivory
Mc Kusick, L. E. Torinus, Sam Mat-
thews, Chas. Bean, Isaac Staples,
Smith Ellison, E. W. Durant, Sam
Harriman, Win. Staples, R. F. Her-
sey, Jacob Bean, D. Tozer, S. L.
Cowan, John O'Brien, Sam. Judd, J.
N. Castle, D. Bronson, Jas. Mackey,
A. Tozer.
The president and secretary were
instructed to make a pro rata assess-
ment and collection of the scale made
of the St. Croix corporation drive.
Voted, That on joint drives the
pro rata of men allowed bein the pro-
portion of two for long to one for
short logs.
The price of scatt*ring logs was
fixed at the same figures established
last month-$10 for No. 1, and $7
for No. 2.
The attorney for the board was in-
structed to proceed in the case of
Lacy's scattering logs.
Trade until the middle of the week
was very dull, including two small
lots sold by Torinus to Sauer & Co.,
Prairie Du Chien, and one lot by Du-
rant & Wheeler to Zimmerman &
Pelan, Guttenberg,also a million feet
small loose logs for sawing about the
lake, three strings sold by Bronson
to C. S. Getchell & Co., Afton, for
shingles. This last mentioned lot
were fair Yellow river logs and sold
at $11.50 rafted.
Wednesday Messrs. Schulenburg,
Bloecker & Co. came into the mar-
ket to buy stock for their mills here.
Their purchases so far include James
Eloney's Yellow river logs at $11 per
A feet on the stringers, Tozer & Ma-
.oy's Yellow river logs $10.75 on the
stringers, Walker, Judd & Veazie's
Tewksbury logs cut on Yellow river
$10. 50 on the stringers, Albert To-
zer's Yellow river logs, Jas. Mathews
l,000,000 Yellow river logs, $11. As
there are but few more choice marks
f short logs, Schulenburg will quite
likely buy these in order to secure
sufficient stock to kee~p their mill go-
ing the balance of the season. There
are several fair lots of rafted short
logs in the market, including Smith
& Clendining's, Smith Ellison's, Elli-
son & Standard's, Samuel McClure's,
Judd Orft's, Walker, Judd & Veazie's
Yellow river, Hersey, Staples &
Bean's, besides other lots of desirable
shott logs.
We quote prices at from $11 to
12.50 per M for choice short logs.
There are in market a few Totogat-
ics held at $13.50 rafted and fitted of
long stock. There is an abundance
including all grades of white pine
and Norway. There is but a light
stock, howeveri of first-class long
white pine, with a large stock of
common long dimension logs.
The operations at the boom have
been somewhat retarded by scarcity
of help, a large number of the men
having left to seek employment in
the grain fields in this vicinity.
Should the water not fall too fast the
St. Croix boom will finish its labors
for the season by August 15th. Pres-
ent appearances, however, indicate
that low water will prevent a consid-
erable portion of the logs from com-
ing through the boom.
The St. Croix has fallen from its
highest stage reached at the last rise
fully 9 feet and is now declining at
the rate of 5 inches every 24 hours.
Include one raft per Mark Bradley
to Savana Bay for sale, Belle of Belle-
vue 8 strings, shipped by Torinus,
Staples & Co., to Sauer & Co., Prai-
rie du Chien.

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