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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Andrew Lee]/ Eau Claire Oct. 3rd. [18]91 PDF (230.6 KB)

[From Andrew Lee]/ Eau Claire 14-10 - [18]92 PDF (230.6 KB)

[From Andrew Lee]
                                        Eau Claire Oct. 3rd. 91
Dear Brother
       Yes,  it cannot be denied  that  I  have  waited  for  a
 letter    from you for a longer time.   It is a long time since 
I wrote, but longer since I've received any letters.
       Now I must tell you a little about how I   have   managed
 it this summer.
       First  this summer I worked at the mill until the first 
of August. when it shut down for the summer.    Then I went  to
N. Dacota where I worked about two months.
       I  shall  try  to  give   you a little innsight into how 
people are treated out there on     one  of  N. Dakota's  large 
farms,    Dairymples for example.
        [ Remainder of letter is missing.]
[From Andrew Lee]
                                          Eau Claire 14-10 - 92
Dear parents!
       I  must beg your pardon in that it has beene quite long 
since I     worte  to you, but   I  have  valid  reasons;   just 
yesterday i came home from N. Dakota where I have been for a
 couple    month's  time, and so I have not had the opportunity
 to write or rather to have sent letters in the mail.
       On account of a strike amongst the sawmill workers    the 
mills    stopped   in the middle of the summer and so I went to 
Dacota.     I worked around  a  little   own  which  is  called 
Grafton,    (N. Dacota).
       On the way home I stopped a couple days in Minneapolis, 
Minn. and    did   some sight-seeing, but didn't meet anyone I
know there.    I Dacota I worked for one who had   a   threshing
 machine     and liked   it.  In a week or so I will be going to
the woods again.    Concerning   news  I  have  nothing  worthy
 mentioning.    Everything goes its usual way here also.
       The   second portrait  which   I  sent  you  can give to 
whomever you want if noone wants to have it.
       This is all I have to write about   now.  Greet   all my 
acquaintances and be yourselves greeted from me
                                         Andrew Lee
       Today  I am sending you some money.   You will excuse me 
for not having sent it before - but better late than never.
  You better not write before you     get  my  address   from  the 

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