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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Wright's Janesville directory: miscellaneous directory,   pp. [9]-20

Page 19

mW LeeW Parker asst mgr; 114 
Children's Home Society of Wis- 
eonsin-Rev Loren G Catehpole 
dist @upt; 306 Madison 
Janeavilli  Anti-Tubereulosis  So- 
eiety-Sami B Buckmasterpr; 
Rev Henry Willmann see; Frank 
H Jaekman tress 
Janesvtlfe Associated Charities- 
Miss J oepeCarde prom; Rev 
Henry Wseman     m; Frank H 
Jackman tress 
Janesville  Builders  Exchange- 
Emil Pants prm - Herberi A 
Hathora v-pres; *: Ford see; 
Frank Doulas trees; meets It 
and 3rd Fridays 313 Jackman blk 
Janesville Center Womana Rest 
Room---120 E Milwaukee 
Janesville  Country  Cub-N   L 
Carlo pros; E P Wilcox see- 
tress; meets at eal! of tke pres 
Janesville  Park    Amn-Wayne 
Mman prom; E H Ransom v-prm; 
H O Nowlan on; Frank Crook 
treas 20 N Franklin 
Ke-No-Ahe-E Hunting and Fishing 
, Club-C L Valentine pros; Jas A 
Fathers  e-tress; meets 3d Mon- 
day January at 25 W Milwaukee 
Lakota Club-Geo Sennett pro; 
Louis L McCartliy v-pros   Ne- 
vada McCarthy see; t, 3B7 W 
Rock County Bar Asociation--Go 
Sutherland pros; Stanley G Dun- 
widdie me; Roger G Cunning- 
ham tress; meets 4th Monday in 
February at Court House 
Rok County Caledonia Society- 
Jesse Earle prom; Jno H Jones 
se; Neil MoYiear tress; meets 
quarterly rooms 7-8, 27 W Mil- 
Rock County Druggists' Asn--C A 
Smith pre; A T Wagner v-pres; 
W F MeCue see.tress; meets on 
Unique Club-Jss True pros; Frank 
George tress; Anton C Benkert 
ee; 3d a    1s  Mat 
Wismnsin State Guard Co G 8th 
reluant-E    C  Bauman   capt; 
C 1H Gage lt lleut; Jno Hau- 
meron 2d lout; drills every 
Monday Alght at Armory hall 
Cargill Memorial M B Church--Cor 
S Franklin and Pleasant; Rev 
Franklin F Lewis pestor; err- 
ie: Sunday School 9:80 a m; 
preaching 10:30 a m and 7:30 
p m; Epworth League 6:30 p m; 
prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 
Christ  Episcopal   Church - 407 
Court; joined with Trinity Epis- 
eopal Church; 302 W Bluff 
Christian Science Reading Rooms- 
Emma V Corwin librarian; 503 
Jackman bldg 
Pint Baptist Church---S Jackson 
n * cor Pleasant; Rev R G Pier- 
son pastor; services 10:55 a m 
and 7:30 p m; Sunday School 
9:45 a m 
First Christian Church--s w cor W 
Milwaukee and Academy; no 
pastor; Sunday services 11 a m 
and 7:30 p m; Sunday Sehool 10 
a m; prayer meeting Thursdaj 
7:30 p m 
Firlk Church of Christ Scientist- 
30 Pleasant; Mr Leo H Atwood 
Ai   reader; services: Sunday 
J0:45 a m; Sunday School 9:30 
a m; Wednesday 7:45 p m; reao- 
ing rooms 503 Jackmaa bldg; 
open 12 m to 5 p m except Sun- 
days and holidays 
First Congregational-54 8 Jackson 
cot Dodge; Rev J A Melrose pas. 
tor; ervices 10:45 a m and 7:3b 
p mL Sunday School 12:10 p m; 
prayer meeting Thursday 7:30 
p m 
First" Pusbytqman Church changed 
to The Federated Church 
German Ev Luth St Paul's Church 
--S leademy n e cor School; 
Rev E A L Treu pastor; services 
in Gefman Sunday 10:a m; Eng- 
lish once a month 7:30 p m; dur- 
ing Lent'and Advent 7:30 p m 
Howard Chapel-402 W Eastern av 
Norwegian   Lutheran   Church- 
Madison eor W Bluff; Rev T C 
Thorson pastor; services 10:30 
S m 7:30 p m; Sunday School 10 
a m 
Richards Memorial United Brethren 
in Chist-J Hart Truedale pas- 
* tor; Sunday Bible School 10:00 
a m; preaching 11:00 a m 7:30 
p m; Y P C E 6:30 p m; prayer 
meeting Thursday 7:30 p m 
St John's Ev Luth Chureh-306 N 
Bluff; Rev 8 W Fuchs pastor; 
services, English 9:30 a m; Ger- 
man 10:30 a m; Sunday School 
10:30 a m 
St Mary's (Catholie)-317 N lot; 
Rev Charles M Olson pastor; Rev 
Joseh   Newman    at pastor; 
7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 a 
m; Vespers 3 p m 
St Patriek's Catholic  Church- 
Cherry a e cor Holmes; Rev 
Eugene E    Reilly  dean; Rev 
Frances H    Wittermann  aqt; 
services 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 

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