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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

H,   pp. 164-178

Page 174

A  good   uouiod. 
CHERRiEs, pl., f[ mow                 Wuvrl         i W 
OEO. J. KE LO00 & SONS, JAv, WI. 
Hoffmeister Ernestine (wid. Joseph) h. io2 Park. 
Hogan Bertha M. clk. i9 S. Main, h. 207 S. Franklin. 
Hogan Carrie E. clk. 18 S. Main, h. 2o7 N. Bluff. 
Hogan Frank M. clk. 3 W. Milwaukee, h. 2o7 S. Franklin. 
Hogan J. Thomas, clk. 26 W. Milwaukee, h. w7 S. Franklin. 
Hogan John XV. City Marshal, h. 2o7 S. Franklin. 
Hogan Margaret, domestic 303 S. 2d. 
Hogan May, knitter, h. 52 Locust. 
Hogan Richard J. lab. h. e. s. Beloit av. 2 s. Eastern av. 
Hogan William, student, h. 207 S. Franklin. 
Hohenadel Peter, canner, h. 56 Park av. 
HOHENADEL PETER JR. v.-pres. The Hough Shade Corpora- 
tion, h. Hotel Myers. 
Hohenadel Peter Jr Co. Peter Hohenadel Jr. pres.-mngr. P. A. 
Marsh sec. packers of vegetables, w. s. Harold av. near 
Hohman Elizabeth (wid. Charles) h. 173 N. River. 
Holden Daisy, waitress Grand Hotel, h. same. 
Holden Fred, lab. h. 5 Carrington. 
Holden Fred W. timekpr. h. 5 Carrington. 
Holdredge Mary R. (wid. Samuel) h. 252 S. Main. 
Holdredge Romaine C. h. 252 S. Main. 
Holland Patrick J. shoes 211 W. Milwaukee, h. same. 
Hollenbeck Almarian, mach. h. 2o4 School. 
Hollenbeck Arthur M. foreman 14 N. Academy, h. 204 School. 
Hollenbeck Mabel. student, h. 2o4 School. 
Holleran Ffank, lab. h. 161 Caroline. 
Holleran Morris, farmer, h. 161 Caroline. 
Holleran Morris Jr. mach hd. 266 N. Main, h. 161 Caroline. 
Hollins Fannie (wid. Geo. T.) h. 58 N. Bluff. 
Hollins George, mach. h. rear 161 N. Franklin. 
Hollins Mary A. Miss, h. 58 N. Bluff. 
Hollis Ettie, student, h. 2o8 Mineral Pt. av. 
Hollis George D. ry. condr. h. io6 Pearl. 
Hollis James E. h. 208 Mineral Pt. av. 
Hollis Maude E. Mrs. grocer 2o8 Mineral Pt. av. h. same. 
Hollis Nellie, clk. h. o8 Mineral Pt. av. 
Hollis Othello D. clk. io4 W. Milwaukee, h. uo6 Pearl. 
Holloran Michael, tmstr. 'o N. Main, h. 9 Hyatt. 
Holloran Patrick, h. 102 St. Mary's av. 
Holloren John, lab. h. 58 N. Hickory. 
Holloren Michael, lab. h. 58 N. Hickory. 
Holloway Claude, elk. Hotel Myers, h. same. 
Holloway Ethel E. stenog. John J. Cunningham, h. 8 akand av. 

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