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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

H,   pp. 164-178

Page 169

fll        tIFE, E OWUENT, NELTH AID ACC          IllS. 
JAN8SVILLB DIRRCTORY.                169 
Hayes Michael Jr. student, h. 161 S. High. 
Hayes Nellie E. stenog. 422 Hayes blk. h. i61 S. High. 
Hayes Wilmer F. optician F. C. Cook & Co. h. 257 Glen. 
Hayner John G. pres. Gazette Printing Co. h. 52 Milton av. 
Hayner Louise B. (wid Lewis T.) res. i i i S. Main. 
Hayner Myrtle L. Miss, res. 1 i S. Main. 
Hayner Silas (Hayner & Beers) h. 162 N. Jackson. 
Hayner & Beers (Silas Hayner, Clarence B. Beers) real est. and 
ins. 209 Jackman bldg. 
Hayward Alpheus H. bkpr. 9 N. River, h. 158 Racine. 
Hazen Walter H. carpenter contr. 165 Terrace, h. same. 
Head Edwin S. tobacco, h. 210 Jackman. 
Heageny Nellie, h. 118 Western av. 
Heageny Thomas F. fireman, h. 118 Western av. 
Heageny, see also Hagany. 
Heald N. E. mach. h. 232 Washington. 
Healy Daniel T. finisher, io4 W. Milwaukee, h. io5 N. Hickory. 
Healy Emery, lather, res. 18 N. Railroad. 
Healy Thaddeus E. molder, res. 1o5 N. Hickory. 
Heath Adelbert, engineer C. & N. W. h. io Locust. 
Heath Earl, electr. h. 103 Cornelia. 
Heath Vesta, dressmkr. 103 Cornelia, h. same. 
Heck Charles G. tmstr. h. 3o5 S. Bluff. 
Heddles Charles T. leaf tobacco, h. 1o7 Mineral Pt. av. 
HEDDLES STEWART B. leaf tobacco, 5 Adams, h. io7 Mineral 
Pt. av. 
Heffernan Catherine, stitcher, h. 277 S. Main. 
Heffernan John P. cooper, 121 N. Main, h. 277 S. Main. 
Heffernan Julia Miss, h. 277 S. Main. 
Heffernan Mary (wid. Patrick) h. 277 S. Main. 
Heffernan Thomas F. driver, io2 W. Milwaukeee, h. 77 Chatham. 
Hefferon James, farmer, h. 551 Western av. 
Hefferon James W. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 551 Western av. 
Hefferon Nellie Miss, h. 551 Western av. 
Hefferon Patrick, fanner, n. n. s. Claron, 2 s. S. Palm. 
Hefferon Rose Miss, h. 551 Western av. 
Hefferon Thomas P. blksmith. h. 551 Western av. 
Heider Caroline, knitter, h. io8 Galena. 
Heider Edward, cabinet mkr. h. io8 Galena. 
Heider Henry A. helper R. R. Woolen Mills, h. io8 Galena. 
Heider John P. lab. h. io8 Galena. 
Heimer John, barkpr. 8 N. Main, h. 6 N. Main. 
HEIMSTREET EDWARD B. drugs 9 N. Main, h. same. 
Hein Fred. mach. h. s. s. Milwaukee at limits. 
&&h Phome 

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