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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1898-99 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc., etc.

F,   pp. 90-95

Page 91

om ar'  imdahl he am wine.-4pfwk V40990ws. 
FRANK 0, KIMBALL, m                    111,,,11 1,  h   . 
FEL                      91                     FIF 
Feley John F. condr. C. & N. W. Ry. res. 1%  Washington. 
Fellows Alice B. Miss, teacher Wis. School for the Blind. 
Fellows Frank A. painter, res. 254 N. Bluff. 
Fellows Jonathan A. res. 158 E. Milwaukee. 
FELTZ FRED, merchant tailor, 12 Corn Exchange, res. 52 
Feltz W. Fred, poultry raiser, rca. 11 Riverside. 
Fenn Elenor M. Mrs. dressmkr. 158 W. Milwaukee, res. same 
Fenn Miles, lab. res. 153 W. Milwaukee. 
Fenner Richard M. res. 254 S. 3d. 
Fenton Ada R. bkpr. 10 W. Milwaukee, res. 53 Locust. 
Fenton Alice M. clk. 7 S. River, rea. 58 Locust. 
Fenton Catherine, student, res. 53 Locust. 
Fenton Philo S. bkpr. res. 53 Locust. 
Ferrin Elsira (wid. Edward) res. 406 Glen. 
Ferrin Harriette L ship.-clk. P'arker Pen Co. res. 406 G'en. 
Ferris George C. (City Ice Co.) rea. 114 4th av. 
Ferris George H. (City Ice Co.) res. 7 S. Williams. 
Ferris Louise, waitress Hotel Myers. 
Ferris Lucian P. bkpr. City Ice Co. res. 114 4th av. 
Fessenden Fred, painter, res. 6 S. Franklin. 
Fethers, Malcolm G. Jeifris, Charles L. Fifield. Malcolm 
0. Mouat) attorneys and counsellors at law, 10 W. Mil- 
Fethers Ogden H. (Fethers, Jeffris, Fifield & Mouat) res. 51 
St. Lawrence pl. 
Field Lute A. rea. 102 N. Jackson. 
FIFIELD BROS.' LUMBER CO. Frank E. Fifield, pres.; 
James S. Fifield, sec.-treas. lime, cement, sewer pipe and 
props. Phoenix Planing Mill, 51 N. High. 
Fihield Charles L. (Fethers, Jeffris, Fifield & Mouat) res. 201 
Fifield  arinda B. (wid. David E.) res. 220 S. Main. 
Fifield Edwin G. (Hall, Sayles & Fifield) res. 101 S. Main. 
Fifield Elbridge G. re 204 N. Jackson. 
Fifield Eliz I.z(wid. Thomas B.) res. 108 Washington. 
Fifield Frank Miss, res. 61 Pearl. 
Fifield Frank E. pres. Fifield Bros. Lumber Co. res. 201 N. 
Fifield George W. physician, 125 W. Milwaukee, res. 108 
Fiield Harriet B. bkpr. New Gas Light Co. res. 220 S. Main. 
Fiflield James S. sec.-tres. Fifield Bros. Lumber Co. res. 123 
Fitield Kate, res. 204 N. Jackson. 
Fifield Mary Miss, res. 61 Pearl. 

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