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Janesville city directory, 1889, with a compendious street directory

M,   pp. 196-208

Page 200

jo                            x0- flyETTE. 
MEN                          200                         MEY 
Menchow Christian, res 414 S Franklin. 
Mendenhall James, res 858 W Bluff. 
Menko August, lab res 309 S Academy. 
Menthe Win, lab res 414 S Franklin. 
Menzies Hugh, physician Lappin's block bds the Park Hotel. 
Menzies John, atty-at-law and notary public, stenographer municipal 
court 10 Jackman block res 102 N Bluff. 
M ERUCHP     & IME  NICS UVIGS BANK, 10 W Milwaukee, Hy 
Palmer pres, A H Sheldon v pres, W S Jeffris cashier. 
Merrick Bertha, wks cotton mill bds 152 E Milwaukee. 
Merrill Harry E, (H E Merrill & Co) res 104 4th. 
Merrill Hiram, sec and tress New Gas Light Co res 152 Park Pl. 
Merrill H E & Co (Harry E Merrill &-), plumbers and gas fitters 
5 N Franklin. 
Merritt Jesse J, core maker J M Co res 106 5 Jackson. 
Merry George H, oil dIr res 211 S Academy. 
Meskie Annie, domestic res 200 S Academy. 
Metcalf George A (Metcalf & Gowdey), res 120 Washington. 
Metcalf John C (Metcalf & McKey) clk Public Schools office Phoebus 
blk res 155 Washington. 
Metcalf Jennie, principal 1st ward school res 155 Washington. 
Metcalf William G, harnessmkr J A Fathers res 105 Park pl. 
ZME LF & GOWDEY (George A Metcalf and John Gowdey) hard- 
ware stoves, etc 63 W Milwaukee. 
Metcalf & McKey (John C Metcalf and George M McKey), insurance 
agtas Phoebus blk 23 %V Milwaukee. 
Metzger Phillip, teamster J Shearer res 56 Pearl. 
Metzinger Frank, shoemaker res rear 256 N Main. 
Metzinger John G (F M Marzluff & Co), res 251 S Franklin. 
Meyer Henry W (Ford & Meyer), res Chicago Ills. 
Meyer Mary, spooler B mill. 
Meyer Otto F, res 9 N Main. 
Meyer Susie, packer H S Woodruff & Co res 165 N High. 
fiml]p11xu        r l3t      i.--Peasant, Sato and sure 
Ours for ALL SRIN JISBASES. At Thermo-Therapeutic Baths, 
Norcroas Block, 8. River Street, 

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