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Janesville city directory, 1889, with a compendious street directory

K,   pp. 174-183

Page 177

best brands of Cutlery. 
KEL                           177                        KEN 
Kelly Maggie domestic 307 Court. 
Kelly Thomas, prop North Western House res 251 S River. 
Kelly Washington (Kelly & Son), res 153 Locust, 
Kelly & Son, contractors and builders S River cor Dodge. 
Kelty Annie M, res 36 1 S Jackson. 
Kelty Margaret, res 361 S Jackson. 
Kelty Thomas, blacksmith res 361 S Jackson. 
Kelty Wm H, cigarmaker ras 361 S Jeckson. 
Kemmerer Blandina, bkkpr res 153 S Academy. 
Kemmerer Samuel H, res 153 S Academy. 
Kemmett Albert T, mailing elk P 0 res 219 Jackman. 
Kemmett Ida, res 219 Jackman. 
Kemmett James, blacksmith res 2A2 S River. 
Kemmett James W, elk S A Chase res 232 8 River. 
Kemmett John M, painter res 252 5 River. 
Kemmett Maggie, wks shoe factory res 252 S River. 
Kemmett Mary (wid Thomas), res 219 Jackman. 
Kemmett Sarah, res 219 Jackman. 
Kemp John H, student res 124 Pearl. 
Kempf Mary, boarding house Yes 151 Division. 
Kempke Herman, teamster Peoples Ice Co res Western ave. 
Kendall Harvey W, tinsmith res 55 W Bluff. 
Kendall Theodore, carp res 112 Madison. 
Kenilworth Block, 33-35 8 Main. 
Kennedy John, photographer bds Park Hotel. 
Kennedy Mattie F, res 301 Ravine. 
Kennedy Matthew, hostler J A Ryan. 
Kennedy R, wood wkr res 58 1 leasant. 
Kenney Patrick, mason helper res 364 River 
Kenniston Horace B, turnkey Co Jail res 208 Jackman. 
KN    ARTUR C, mir cigar box lumber and corn planters 266 N 
Main, bds Myers House. 
Kent Clara, bookkpr D K Jeffris res 6 Washington. 
Mills Bros               '°-         "°o Plumbets 
a ro      .  Firs ,ls     ok                  Ac 

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