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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Sophie Sudden: Oshkosh, Wis., Nov. 19, 12 PDF (262.2 KB)

Oshkesh, Wis.Nov.19,12
25 Plt.rernem Str.
Pear Pomrade
.This in shokesh, not Philadolphia. I was pretty badly used
vp from suffrage eampaiga and laek of geod help.   eon A.C #. went to
Now York to attend the modioal eevoonten In Wo0w York I improved the
time by doeerating his rom, *leaning and training aew help. After that
1 414 mot feel equal to take the much *e#vted trip,but hear that Pra.,4emo
diet in east. You are right- *oe of the grand eomseasatiens Is the
feeling of friendship and loyalty whleh knits us together.
ohe eerman clippings admit that the - pink, separate ballet has done the
work. Aseenbly/Man slark seons to think that we could legally bring the
netter before the *e*msn leoialatu-e as it is a reforendia, net an amend
-mnet. or we might der It later by inaitiative.
De you wish to centinue to have the m--rman $lippiag* send te men AYIR
the ball was ever the 0 eornamla  adnitted for the first time that suff-
rage does met mean prohibttose.
! wish to seseen Pleas fwart's letter with a few medifitatiens. If Visa
Stearn *an give time to the presidency I would have mn ebjeetolns to
her. Is.ChInowith Is a mceo woman, but has me executive ability and
wouls 7.0 be the ri&hf woman for president. I know this from friends
persomally think a   great deal of her. When will we have eur eenveutioI
Cant#' we have It in !I1lwanoee?
With much love yours ready for work after brief rest
Sarah :am* has given up our room* on advice of our executive board.

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