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Perry Historical Center (Wis.) / The historic Perry Norwegian settlement

Chapter 6: The Tyvand School District (no. 1),   pp. 107-116 PDF (3.7 MB)

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Chapter 6: The
Known as School District No. 1, t
was located in Section 35, Town of
when Isaac and Kjestine (Ellen Lee
it. The school served what has t
Kittleson Valley, the highlands to
eastern end of Lee Valley.
Tyvand School District
The school was probably named after the Jens
he Tyvand School    Peterson Tyvand family who lived next door to the
Perry, on farm 16  school site, at farm 15. Jens and his wife, Audi, had
) Kittleson owned  at least six children.
become known as
its south, and the
The number of students who attended the Tyvand
School ranged anywhere from 25 to 40 students in a
given year. Seating in the school was 2 pupils to a
desk and sometimes 3 pupils to a desk among the
younger students.
The First Tyvand School
The first school was built of rock before 1873. In
1923-24, a new, square, frame structure was built to
replace the old rock building.
he second lyvand School
Last day of school April 26, 1928
Known teachers at the Tyvand School were: Martin
Paulson, Susan  Engen, Ada Jacobs, Dorothy
Deiderick, Evelyn Einerson (a native of the district,
from farm 24), Ella Sanders, Argivena Grove, Ruth
Anderson (another native of the district, from farm
30), Orrin Paulson, Beverly Knudson Schwierske,
Leota Lehnherr, Louise Gust, Lavon Paulson.
Beverly Knudson Schwierske's classroom 1956
The Tyvand School closed at the end of the 1960
school year. In the final year, there were 32 students
of which 10 were first graders. Their teacher was
Lavon Paulson.
The students at Tyvand School in c. 1928-29

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