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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

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E. W. Stevens, one term; W. Borne, one term ; W. T. Parry, three terms; W.
Fulton, one
term; G. C. Jackson, one.term; S. M. Smith, one term; H. H. Curtis, one term.
of initiates during the time, 234. Number now in good and regular standing,
75.  The most
efficient workers in the cause of temperance have been W. T. Parry, W. Fulton,
D. G. Muir,
S. M. Smith, D. A. Goodyear, G. C. Jackson, Charles Prehn and Peter Mills.
 While many
moderate drinkers have become total abstainers, there are twenty-nine who
have been habitual
drinkers and most of that number had-gone down very nearly to ,destruction.
Their reforrpa-
tion is believed to be complete.
     The Mendotas.-On the 28th of March, 1876, Shu-na-ha-ha Council, No.
19, of the
Ancient Order of Mendotas, was organized in Portage, with the following charter
members: S.
S. Brannan, G. 0. Clinton, J. B. Taylor, E. C. Maine, I. G. Loomis, S. L.
Plumb, Ferdinand
Schulze, C. K. Peterson, 0. H. Sorrenson, James Gowran, Mrs. S. S. Brannan,
Mrs. J. H. Rogers,
Mrs. S. L. Plumb, Mrs. Dow, Mrs. I. G. Loomis, Mrs. J. B. Taylor and Mrs.
E. C. Maine.
The prime object of the organization was the advancement of the cause of
temperance. The
council bore its part well in the battle against rum, until a lack of interest
on the part of
members necessitated a suspension.  Mendota is thb Indian name for the fourth
lake at Madi-
son, which, translated, means Spirit Lake. The nature of the spirits found
there by the red
men is not known.
     The Turnverein (Vorweerts) of Portage, was organized April 15, 1877,
with the following
charter members: A. E. Klenert, Charles Klenert, Al. Niemeyer, Jacob Hornung,
Frank Zienert,
Frank Sieverkrop, Albert Schleicher, H. Sittenbecher, Ernst Schleicher, Henry
Port, George
Koberstein, Charles Klabunda and Joseph A. Versen. Their prosperity has been
great in physical
and social% advancement.  Their membership has increased to sixty-three,
in good standing.
The present officers are: President, A. E. Klenert ; Secretary, Hermann Richter;
Secretary, Alois Krisch ; Treasurer, Joseph A. Versen and Adam Rebholz ;
Teacher, Henry Port
Their financial standing is good; having cash and property to the extent
of over $600 on hand.
     ,Portage Liederk,-anz.--This society was organized December 31, 1856,
having for its
object the practice and improvement in vocal music. Its constituent members
were: Robert
Gropius, President; Charles Deidrich, Secretary; Charles Moll, Treasurer;
John B. Dassi,
Conductor; Charles Bruncehler, Peter Boll, Bernard Gloeckler, John Versen,
John Schliessmann,
Thomas Spargnapani, Christian Schultz, Charles Prehn, John Misch, John Bartl,
Clemens, Joseph Fuerst, William Haertel, Mr. Hilbert, Robert Lehmann, Louis
Lange, Peter Rein-
hold, Franz Schulze, Charles Wilke, Sr., Mr. Weidenbacher, Charles Schmidt,
Ferdinand Schulze,
Henry Schulze, Andrew Kiefer, Samuel Kopp, Franz Julien and Diebold Blass.
Regular monthly
meetings have since been held, and at times, as seemed necessary, the members
have been called
together for practice. An annual ball is given on each recurring 31st of'December.
In 1864,
the society purchased two lots on Conant street, moved thereon a building,
employed a German
teacher, and opened a select school. This enterprise not proving successful,
the building, in
1872, was sold to the city for an engine-house. By this means, the small
indebtedness incurred
was paid off, and in the spring of 1880 the society was in a flourishing
condition, having its
two lots free of all incumbrances, and some money on interest. At that time
its officers were,
V. Helmann, President; Christian Schultz, Treasurer; John B. Dassi, Secretary;
Joseph R
Huebl, Conductor; Robert Lehmann, Frank Helm and Charles Wilke, Directors.
                                     THE CEMETERIES.
     PFort Winnebago Cemetery.-In a thick wood of small oaks perhaps a quarter
of a mile
eastward from the fort along the military road is the old Fort Winnebago
depository after the
last muster-out.   It is a lonely spot. About one hundred persons were buried
here to await
the resurrection. It was the cemetery of the earlier village which clustered
around the fort.
A number of soldiers went here below the thunder of the morning and the evening
gun and
the disturbing clatter of reveille tattoo. Their graves are undistinguishable
now ; though once

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